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Land O' Lakes, AZ
mini location map2020-05-29
6 by photographer avatarcindyl
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Land O' Lakes, AZ 
Land O' Lakes, AZ
Fishing avatar May 29 2020
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friday afternoon, there was a fire near black canyon city, so we decided to go east instead. we disperse camped near gentry lookout. on saturday, we headed down to black canyon lake for some fishing. we headed down about 9 am and it was a good thing. by 10 am the parking lots were completely full. i love (only kind of) that people are getting out and exploring nature who otherwise wouldn't (it made great people watching), but i wish the forest service would give these people not used to shitting in the woods a toilet to use. also, there were so many people. and so many dogs. i used the excuse that the swimming dogs were scaring away the fish to explain my lack of bites, but bobby caught three, kept two, and one was quite large. on sunday morning we had breakfast and had packed up at around 9:30, and headed to sardine point at willow springs lake, which is probably my favorite place to fish. we've been avoiding the main parking area and heading the opposite direction of everyone else and it worked. so peaceful. there were a few motorboats and kayaks, but nothing major. i wish i could've stayed there all day. i got one little nibble, but couldn't convert and bobby caught one and didn't keep it. and we both lost a ton of gear to the rocks at the bottom of the lake.
New Mexico Locust
There are just two switchbacks left. And another half-mile to the destination...
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