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Griffith-Charleston loop, NV
mini location map2020-10-19
15 by photographer avatarLindaAnn
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Griffith-Charleston loop, NV 
Griffith-Charleston loop, NV
Hiking avatar Oct 19 2020
Hiking18.88 Miles 5,267 AEG
Hiking18.88 Miles   10 Hrs   7 Mns   2.02 mph
5,267 ft AEG      46 Mns Break
1st trip
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Parked at the Trail Canyon lot and started a few minutes before 0600. Headed back down the road to Echo trailhead and got on the trail over to South Loop. Saw a dead fox(?) alongside the road. A man was bit last week here by a rabid fox, so kind of interesting to see a dead one without any obvious injuries. There were also two horses standing in the road, staring at me.

Headed up South Loop, which I always enjoy. The trail is in good shape, and the switchbacks help the climb feel not too terrible. Saw seven bucks on the way up, they looked like they are used to people. Short break at the saddle, then over to Griffith. Short and steep, but in good shape. Once back down, I continued on South Loop over to Charleston. Despite the fire damage, I enjoy South Loop, although today’s views were limited by heavy smoke. Once over the next saddle, I veered off the official trail and stayed along the ridge. Better views, more enjoyable, and it cuts off some distance and elevation. Once at the crash site, I got back on the real trail and headed up to Charleston.

Short break up top, then down North Loop. I like the upper few miles of North Loop, through the cliffs, but after that, I always get bored with it. The trail itself is not in as good of shape as South Loop. At 1435, I chatted with three people who were still heading up to Charleston, and they were still about four miles and a lot of elevation from the summit. It had taken them all day to reach that point, and they looked tired. I suggested they consider turning around since their vehicle was parked way over at the beginning of North Loop, but they were determined to keep going. I asked if they had lamps and enough water. They said they did, but didn’t have much in the way of warm clothing. I wished them luck and kept going downhill.

The hike down Trail Canyon went by quickly, the trail is in good condition, and when I reached the parking lot, there was a police office parked a few cars over. I waved Hi, and he came over and asked if I came down Trail Canyon. After I said yes, he asked if I saw anyone, which I didn’t. I guess there was a lost hiker who was calling for help and was trying to find his way back to Trail Canyon. I gave the officer a quick description of the six hikers I saw on North Loop, but nobody fit the description of who he was looking for. As we were chatting, the lost hiker called him back and said he was on the right trail and heading down. I told the officer about the three hikers who were about to spend a very cold night somewhere on Charleston and let him know where their vehicle was parked. He thanked me for the info and said he’d make sure to let the next shift know to keep an eye on that vehicle in case it was still there tomorrow or if someone called for help.

Good hike, with warm temps for October. I’ve hiked through snow up there in mid October a few times, so today was definitely easy hiking conditions. A very smoky sky was the biggest negative.
Named place
Named place
Charleston Peak
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Isolated
Mostly past peak. Still some yellow aspens.
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