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mini location map2020-12-31
1 by photographer avatarneilends
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Cow Pies TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 31 2020
Hiking1.20 Miles 144 AEG
Hiking1.20 Miles
144 ft AEG
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From the end of pavement to the Cow Pies Trailhead it took me about 30 minutes by Jeep. I first came out here last week to check out the area, but didn't have time to hike far because of my schedule. This time, on the last day of 2020, I brought my wife and we hiked about 0.6 miles into the Cow Pies trail, reached the intersection of the Hangover trail, at which point my wife correctly concluded that she could not handle the cliffs and precarious heights to go any further. She is particularly height-averse. I figure the average experienced hiker would probably be okay to handle the Hangover section. Her issue with heights is serious enough that she immediately experiences dizziness and physically cannot handle it. The Cow Pies section is easy.

So I had to make do with one more "just a taste" of this beautiful area. Everything about it is spectacular. The "cow pies" themselves are super cool and my wife couldn't stop taking pictures. I ventured out alone onto the Hangover Trail for maybe 0.2 miles or so, and am salivating for a return trip to finish it. The advantage of venturing out alone for that short jaunt was getting a long-distance selfie as attached.

I did also bring our white fluffy rescue dog Lexi, who is a 15 pound bichon-poodle mix. She did great but we've purchased a "dog backpack" to carry her if she and her tiny legs get tired. At 1.2 miles round trip she was in heaven the entire time though. But just a heads up that Sedona is famous for people bringing their dogs and not keeping them leashed in hiking areas. There is zero enforcement of leash laws, and very poor signage educating the public that leashes are mandatory. (Leashes may not be mandatory in the Coconino National Forest. They are mandatory on Sedona city park land. Either way, expect to deal with unleashed dogs on trails).
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