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Cone-Brown Mountains Loop MSP, AZ
mini location map2015-02-18
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Cone-Brown Mountains Loop MSP, AZ 
Cone-Brown Mountains Loop MSP, AZ
Mtn Biking avatar Feb 18 2015
Mtn Biking9.70 Miles 767 AEG
Mtn Biking9.70 Miles
767 ft AEG
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1st trip
Used some free time this afternoon to knock off another 10 miles of the MSC All Trails Challenge, via mountain bike. Browns Ranch to Corral to Upper Ranch to Cone Mountain Loop to Hackamore. I left Hackamore to double back using Rustler, as there was no other way to mark Rustler off the list. Then I took the last segment of Cone Mountain, and repeated the route down Hackamore to the end.

Of these, Corral was easily the most fun, given the speeds my biking novice self could reach on its flat grade. Cone Mountain was a close second.

Rustler was both uphill and treacherous enough that I would enjoy hiking that in future rather than biking it again. I had to hop off the bike 3-4 times for the steep grade. At one spot, my attempting to bike it rather than walk across would have resulted in (a) certain comedy for anyone watching and (b) certain injuries for me. (Not something I've encountered with any other trail I've biked in MSP so far.)

Hackamore was a lot of fun. At the very end of Hackamore, there's a short trail not marked on HAZ called Sunset Vista Trail, leading to the parking lot. I'm not convinced it's worth the bother to add it. The official MSP map doesn't recognize it either.

I think I'm somewhere around 70 miles of the 133 ATC goal. Keeping track through HAZ and some ipad maps so I'll save the math for another day.
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