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Maricopa Peak via Alta, AZ
mini location map2017-09-10
1 by photographer avatarneilends
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Maricopa Peak via Alta, AZ 
Maricopa Peak via Alta, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 10 2017
Hiking4.40 Miles 1,440 AEG
Hiking4.40 Miles   3 Hrs      1.60 mph
1,440 ft AEG      15 Mns Break
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1st trip
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A buddy and I hiked to the summit of Maricopa Peak this morning. The trailhead situation was a little confusing so I got help from the HAZ forum and am glad I did. There still is no official trailhead. The "unofficial" one is also now under construction so it's gone too. We parked on the shoulder of a nearby street. Other hikers were there too and they parked closer to the trail than we did. We played it safe but the others seemed like regulars.

I have to say that the summit was more treacherous than I expected. It's not like hiking to the top of Piestewa, Camelback or Tom's Thumb. One slip of the foot and you'd be tumbling quite a distance. Of course the payoff for such a climb is even sweeter. This is the 360 from the top:

My friend found at least 4-5 seashells along the way, which blew my mind. You read that right. He's an avid reader and told me he'd learned about the geology of this area and was actively looking out for seashells as a result. I photographed his find and will add them later. WTH?

Update: To quote @chumley, "Not fossilized seashells! :sweat:
[ Talus Snail ]
[ Squaw Peak Talussnail ]"
Talus Snail
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