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mini location map2021-03-09
7 by photographer avatarWalkingbambam
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Bursera CanyonPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 09 2021
Hiking1.10 Miles 594 AEG
Hiking1.10 Miles
594 ft AEG
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Nice afternoon hike. Left the house about 2:30 pm. Cool and breezy when left. Up the Canyon was just the right temp. Up on the mountain the wind picked up. In fact I had to chase down my straw hat... luckily it didn't go down into the canyon. Coming back on the lower loop (unnamed) trail going west headed back home the wind was so blustery that it was almost as tiring as hiking up the Canyon. Few hikers out. Got a Birdseye view of some maneuvers by a helicopter hovering over National just above the Eliminator junction. They might have been making sure no hikers or bikers fell in the mine shaft up there. Great day for a hike!! HAPPY HIKING!!
Walkingbambam :)

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