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Nordlinger-Solsteinhaus HuttetoHutte, WW
mini location map2022-08-19
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Nordlinger-Solsteinhaus HuttetoHutte, WW 
Nordlinger-Solsteinhaus HuttetoHutte, WW
Backpack22.82 Miles 4,195 AEG
Backpack22.82 Miles3 Days         
4,195 ft AEG
1st trip
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Backpacking hut to hut in Austria’s Karwendel range which is wedged in between the German border and Innsbruck Austria to the south. We did a 3 day 2 night hut to hut backpack although we didn’t have to carry all the normal backpacking gear since each hut has a bed, food and beverages.

First, we had to get from Munich to the start town of Seefeld, Austria but public transport being what is it there that was not an issue. Took the train to Garmisch and bus to Seefeld, then walked to a cog train and then another gondola. We also avoided 2000 feet of climbing which was nice considering the weather was questionable and we knew it was going to rain. Getting off the gondola we were at an elevation of 6500 feet and had very little gain to get to Nordlinger Hut. Took about an hour and a half to the hut and it started raining just as we arrived. We checked in and grabbed a beer watching the rain. After about 2 hours it started to clear a bit so we decided to hike a nearby peak Reither Spitze about 400 foot climb. Fun quick hike but clouds started to roll in again.

Back at the hut we settled in for the night. Rained pretty hard that night so sure was nice to be indoors. Got to love those huts :D

Next morning, we had nice breakfast, but it was still raining. The rain continued however it was only 8 miles to the next hut, so we didn’t need all day. Like many others at the hut, we waited to see if the rain would stop and about 1030am we decided to chance it. Little drizzle at first but then it started to come down pretty good. Lasted for about 2 hours before letting up but the cloud show was cool at times. The trail itself was in decent shape and mostly above tree line with lots of talus. The best part was going through the pass Eppzirler Scharte at about 7100 elevation. The ridgeline splits the range so we had great views of both sides. From there it was a steep descent down to the next hut Solsteinhaus right at tree line about 6000 elevation.

Arrived at Solsteinhaus about 3pm and checked in. Same routine as the other hut except this one was much bigger. Being more on the Austria side some hikers come up from Innsbruck but it’s also on the thru hiker route for the Karwendel Range. Talked to several hikers doing the 6 to 8 day thru hike so that was some good conversation. Despite being a larger hut, it was a well-run operation and a decent price especially with the Euro at a good exchange with the dollar. Basically, I had bed for the night, many beers, dinner, and full breakfast for about $80 dollars in an awesome location in the Alps so a smokin deal for sure :y:

It rained overnight again but finally the next morning it was clear and no more rain in the forecast. From Solsteinhaus we followed the trail back towards the German side descending the valley and a narrows on the way out. Reaching the narrows, it was very cool area with the trail carved out of the wall in some spots. Not too many people considering the location and took our time descending the canyon. Eventually it opens back up and we had fast trail out to a final hut for lunch.

After the lunch break, we just had to hike back to the town of Scharnitz on the border and catch the bus. The bus took us back into Germany to catch the train to Munich. The hut to hut hiking is somewhat unique to Austria and Germany especially the way they have it setup!!
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