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Scenic Ridge, AZ
mini location map2022-10-01
2 by photographer avatarrcorfman
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Scenic Ridge, AZ 
Scenic Ridge, AZ
Hiking4.30 Miles 370 AEG
Hiking4.30 Miles   1 Hour   44 Mns   2.72 mph
370 ft AEG      9 Mns Break
1st trip
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I wasn't planning on walking this, but I figured I probably would end up walking it, and I did. This is called Scenic Ridge, for a series of six geocaches called Scenic Ridge #x along this two-track road along a ridge off of Scenic Loop Road. Got that? I was riding my Honda dualsport and when I arrived at the road up to the ridge, I decided my riding skills aren't what is needed to make it up the hill onto the ridge so I parked the bike, shed my riding gear and walked.

It really was a nice walk along a scenic ridge and I enjoyed the excursion finding the six caches. Two were new, so I was the first finder for them. That's really the reason I was out here to start with.

The walking was easy, like on a nice trail except for the initial ascent onto the ridge, where the road was fairly steep with a lot of loose sand and gravel with some large ruts. I had the place to myself as I saw nobody else in the area.
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