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Tom Thumb Coachwhip loop, AZ
mini location map2022-10-09
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Tom Thumb Coachwhip loop, AZ 
Tom Thumb Coachwhip loop, AZ
Hiking10.26 Miles 1,837 AEG
Hiking10.26 Miles   3 Hrs   44 Mns   2.81 mph
1,837 ft AEG      5 Mns Break
1st trip
My route: I started at Tom's Thumb trailhead and took Tom's Thumb trail up to Tom's Thumb. From there, I back tracked to the East End trail and followed it down to the Windmill trail. I took Windmill trail to Coachwhip Trail, then to Pemberton Trail. Pemberton trail to Boulder Trail, to Marcus Landslide trail, and back to Tom's Thumb trailhead.

The day was really nice, temperatures were comfortable and there was a slight breeze. People weren't much of a problem. There were several on the way up to Tom's Thumb and on my way down from Tom's Thumb to the East End trail. After that, I saw only a handful of people until I was finishing up on the Marcus Landslide trail.

Tom's Thumb trail is more like a path for most of it. It's all decomposed granite and is wider and smoothed. I actually wished it was rougher as it was too groomed for my taste.

Going down East End trail was interesting as the tread changed composition at least three times. It started with the decomposed granite, switched to some other type of rock, then sandstone. I don't pretend to be a geologist, so that's the depth of my take.

Once on the Windmill trail, things were fairly level and fast when the tread was good. Even when the tread wasn't as good, it was still fairly easy to keep walking with purpose.

There is a ramada and picnic table at the Coachwhip / Pemberton junction. I stopped there and had a Gatorade. There's a bike stand, and tools for cyclists. There're also some prayer flags and plaques with interesting verse in the ramada. It was a good place to stop for a few minutes.

The Marcus Landslide trail is an interpretive trail and is smooth and wide like the Tom's Thumb trail. By then I was hungry and just wanted to finish so I mostly just cruised by the signs.
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