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Pima Canyon Trail #62 to Pima Sadd, AZ
mini location map2009-01-17
15 by photographer avatarJeffshadows
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Pima Canyon Trail #62 to Pima Saddle, AZ 
Pima Canyon Trail #62 to Pima Saddle, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 17 2009
Hiking13.00 Miles 3,300 AEG
Hiking13.00 Miles   4 Hrs   56 Mns   2.64 mph
3,300 ft AEG
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"We can't stop here...this is bat country."

It was about time to pay my favorite Front Range canyon another visit. I picked the perfect time to get on trail, basically right after the gate opened. The trail was deserted save for a few bats that pinged me on my way in. Lots of water down in the stream course and at the dams. Nice pools down in the canyon along the hike into the second dam. There is apparently a large bee hive near the big cottonwoods, but I neither saw it nor a single bee. There is a large dead juniper down in the middle of the trail in a fairly inconvenient spot near that first big pinyon that you encounter along the exposed section into the Spring.

I also noticed a week or two back that Pima was missing a proper description on the site...problem solved. :D

One other thing I'd like to say in light of a situation that arose while I was on my way out. Dog owners...please, please obey restrictions and observe good etiquette. There was a group that I encountered near the first dam with an unleashed dog - in the *wilderness* area and special bighorn management area! This despite the zillion signs at the trail-head stating dogs are forbidden. I doubt that girl will ever repeat that mistake after encountering me and another guy who read her the riot act, but, please; don't be that guy/girl!! :?
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