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Reavis Gap, Fireline & Campaign Creek Loop
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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Mar 06 2010
Hiking20.20 Miles 3,975 AEG
Hiking20.20 Miles   9 Hrs   10 Mns   2.20 mph
3,975 ft AEG
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The original plan was to do this loop and take the side trip up to Circlestone. This was my third time going to the Campaign TH. The first time the wash(s) were dry. The second time the washes were overflowing and the road was washed out. This time the washes were active but not flowing that much. I drove in about 2 miles past the 449/499A split and things got worse. The road was gone and I was following the tire marks in when I hit a small 2 foot drop-off into a deeper section on the wash. I made it across but had a hard time making it up the next bank. I went to back up to get a running start and got stuck in the wash. I soon sank in the sandy wash. We tried to pile rocks under the tires, but I sank further down. We stopped when my tail pipe starting to gurgle under the water. I ran back to the ranch by 449/449a split. With the sandy wet washes, I wore my sandals and had to pull out rocks ever 100 feet or so. My hiking buddy stayed behind to make sure the Jeep didn't stall out. I made it to the rancher's home and meet Brandon. I explained where I was and he pulled out his front loader. As we drove the front loader to the Jeep, Brandon told me that 449A was in good shape until the week before when the forest service rerouted the washes. The washes eventually flowed into the road and washed it out. The washes are just too saturated with water this year. We got to the Jeep and the front loader had no problem pulling me out. We then all had an interesting talk about ranching in Arizona. Brandon then started to fix the washed out road. We drove to higher ground and started to hike from there. We probably could have drove to the TH, but we didn't want to chance getting stuck again. We hiked three miles to the Campaign TH. We wore our sandals and changed into our boots at the TH. We didn't hit the TH until 11:30am. We agreed to hike until a turnaround time and then return the same route. Reavis Gap is one tough trail. There was a section about a quarter mile before the Two Bar Ridge intersection that had a recent land slide. There was uprooted shrubs and tree roots in a small 100 foot section. There was three major washed out sections right before Reavis Gap trail started to descend into the Reavis Creek. We hit the Reavis trail about ten minutes after the turnaround time. So much for Circlestone. We made good time going back. Most of the way back was downhill. We hit the Campaign TH as night fell. We decided in order to save time, keep our boots on and let them get wet for the last three miles. As we hiked out on 449A, we noticed that Brandon fixit it up really nice. We got to the Jeep and drove out. As we hit 188, it started to pour. I'm glad it didn't pour as we were driving down the wash!

All and all it was a good day. We got stuck / extracted and were still able to pull off a 20 mile, 3,900 foot death march.
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