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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking May 31 2010
Hiking4.83 Miles 2,489 AEG
Hiking4.83 Miles   7 Hrs      0.69 mph
2,489 ft AEG
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This was Satan's Hiking Challenge Weekend. Did Hell's Hole on Saturday and today Devil's Chasm. While Hell held no charm for me and I don't want to return, Devil's Chasm draws you in with a shaded hike near a babbling brook in an absolutely pristine rugged canyon. I offer thanks to those who have gone before for leaving no trash and marking a trail through this incredible spot. Now if someone could install stairs or even an elevator for the last .2 of a mile this place could be paradise. I have scrambled up rocks before and done some pretty steep unaided climbs but but because every step up of 12 inches up was accompanied by 10 inches of sliding down this had to be the toughest section of "hiking"/crawling I have ever completed. But you can't not keep going, you just can't stop short. What awaits you at the top is well worth all the pain and effort. The chasm is cool but the ruins are amazing. I sat down and ate my lunch sitting on an wall built by the ancients with my feet dangling over the edge. It gave me pause to consider God's creations and my place as one of them.

I know it is a wilderness area but wouldn't a switchback trail be less damaging than what is there now. That is the only thing Hell's Hole had on Devils chasm.

The descent was really quick I chose the foot ski butt slide method. The gloves and kneepads I planned to use exploring the cave came in very handy as a butt pad and gloves allowed me to grab freely at nearby vegetation in an attempt keep descending at a safe speed. :sl:

What a gorgeous location only saw one other person for the day.
Wildflowers Observation Substantial

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