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San Francisco Peaks, AZ
mini location map2010-10-15
8 by photographer avatarT Harris
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San Francisco Peaks, AZ 
San Francisco Peaks, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 15 2010
T Harris
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I really really really wanted to go on the HAZ workshop last weekend but because of school work, I couldn't make it. I still wanted to shoot some fall color so I decided to go this weekend. I also got an invite to the NAU football game from a friend on the team, so that basically sealed it. After I got out of class at 10:30 on Thursday, I headed up to Flag. I've been wanting to visit Hart Prarie for some time now, but I was actually disapointed by the lack of color, and I wasn't expecting that area to be so hard to shoot. I ended up camping right near fr 151 where the first two photos were taken. I spoke to a couple hunters who were getting ready for hunting season to start the next day, and i'm guessing they lucked out because the elk were going crazy that night. The next day I decided to go to the other side of the peaks and it was very colorful out there. Friday was a let down since the sun only came out for about 30 minutes the entire day. I really didn't get any good light the entire trip so I had to look away from my grand landscapes and look more closely at the little things. You can see where I slept Friday night in the last photo, and it was COLD that night. A nightmare woke me up (I had a dream that I was bit 17 times by rattlesnakes, and yes 17, I remember counting) and I looked at the thermometer in the car and it said it was 30 inside! I know that probably isn't very cold, but to someone who has lived in Tucson and Phoenix their whole lives, it's freezing.
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