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Paria CanyonSouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Backpack avatar Jun 19 2005
Backpack8.00 Miles
Backpack8.00 Miles2 Days         
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1st trip
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Hiked Paria from the Buckskin Gulch Confluence to the White House trailhead, as part of a two-day backpacking trip.

The Paria river is running from White House to the Confluence. This is our third trip down this part of the Paria, and the second time that the water was flowing in this area. The flow was good, but not so swift as to knock you down or cause any balance issues. The water was ankle deep and a bit chilly.

Nothing particular to report. The area is gorgeous, and an easy hike. We enjoy the change in sandstone color from deeper red to more sandy gold as you traverse from the confluence to White House. Slide Rock is as majestic as we remembered, and we could not resist taking a few pictures of it. :)

The weather was perfect. It may have been HOT later in the day, but we got up on the early side, and got an early start from our campsite at the confluence. We arrived at the White House trailhead at 10am, with blue skies and lots sun. :)
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