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Zebra and Tunnel Slots
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mini location map2020-10-02
25 by photographer avatarVashti
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Zebra and Tunnel SlotsSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
Hiking avatar Oct 02 2020
Hiking7.45 Miles 623 AEG
Hiking7.45 Miles   4 Hrs   25 Mns   2.33 mph
623 ft AEG   1 Hour   13 Mns Break
1st trip
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Nice hike out to Zebra & Tunnel Slot canyons. Despite the trail being unmarked and unsigned, it is very well traveled and easy to follow. The trailhead (also unmarked) is 12 miles from UT-12. You pass a cattle guard, park in a large gravel lot on the right, and cross the street to hike. There is a sign that collecting is not allowed and a warning sign about extreme temperatures and needing at least 4L of water per person. The trail is usually next to the wash, though you could walk in the wash itself if you desire, but the wash is sandier and harder to walk in. There is a movable gate that that you pass. You can go around it or through it. I'm not sure what its purpose is. At about the 2 mile point, you return to the wash and make your way into the canyon. After a short distance you come upon zebra Slot. Unfortunately, it was full of water today. About waist deep for someone 5'10". A number of people turned around and some went in. The water was numbingly cold. Anymore, I prefer to wear a wetsuit to take on water that cold. Otherwise, I shiver severely and don't enjoy myself. :( my oldest son did go in. After zebra, we headed over to tunnel. You head out the way you came in, and then once in the wash, you bear left and follow the canyon wall for about a half mile or so. You can walk in the wash (Harris wash) or take a well-worn trail near it. It's all desert hiking with pretty views of multicolored moonscape rocks. There are a few cairns marking the left turn into tunnel slot. Otherwise, it would be easy to miss. There is lots of vegetation, and the slot itself is set a little ways back. You walk a bit in the wash, and then the tunnel slot appears as a dark hole in the wall at the end of the canyon. This, too, was full of water, and it looked deep! None of us went in. We didn't see anyone at tunnel slot, whereas there were quite a few people at zebra Slot. Probably less people because you are taking a 5 mile hike to zebra and adding on tunnel slot makes it almost 8 miles. Which can be a long time in the hot sun. It is full exposure with little to no shade the entire hike. Despite this, we had a lot of fun. From tunnel, we retraced our steps back to car.

One cool thing we saw was a plethora of moqui marbles, both whole and in halves. So neat! We left everything for the next folks to enjoy! :)
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