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West Baldy Trail #94Alpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking17.60 Miles 2,364 AEG
Hiking17.60 Miles   8 Hrs      2.20 mph
2,364 ft AEG
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1st trip
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We drove up to Alpine from Phoenix on Friday. We started hiking on Saturday at 7:30am. We were off the trail at 3:30pm. We stopped for lunch at the "almost summit" by the big pile of rocks that marks the reservation boundary. The trail was lovely, and the weather was perfect. There was some frost on the ground when we started (it was a low of 30F that morning; some of the people camping near the river on the trail complained that their water froze), but it burned off quickly. It was hot near the top in the exposed areas. The signpost to the almost summit is missing. The pole is there, but not the sign. The sign showing the junction with the East Baldy trail is there, though. We thought that the pile of rocks marking the reservation boundary was very anticlimactic. The survey marker is there nestled in amongst the pile of rocks. We saw a few others hiking on the trail, but not too many. We had lunch with one other hiker at the almost summit, but while we were sitting there, two other hiking parties breezed right past the boundary to go to the summit. I wonder if they had permits, but I didn't ask them. Beautiful hike!!! I will say that our fitbits showed our roundtrip value as 17.6 miles, so I am not sure that 14 miles roundtrip as listed is valid. Maybe that value is from the connector trail, or from the sheeps bridge trailhead instead of current formal West Baldy Trailhead. None of the aspens on the trail had yet turned color.
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