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Guajalote Peak & Red Hill, AZ
mini location map2002-02-28
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Guajalote Peak & Red Hill, AZ 
Guajalote Peak & Red Hill, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 28 2002
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I have been waiting for the right time to post this hike to a rather obscure place in the Patagonia Mountains from long ago (2002), and today's post by HikerWill made me decide this was it. :) These two are on the SAHC peak list, and when the hike was scheduled by the club for a few days later, and I was unable to attend, I just got the idea to go out there solo and do them. The guides, David and Johanna Caley were peak bagging friends, so I left a note for them in the summit register to say hello. They got a kick out of that. :lol:

I drove in via Guajalote Flat Road (FR 4695) to where it intersects with UX Road (FR 4695A) near the stock tank in Guajalote Flat. From there I took an old two track a short ways and parked to head up to the peak. After that I moved the truck a little closer to Red Hill for that hike. Past Red Hill FR 4695/UX drops steeply down into Providencia Canyon, before eventually tying into the Duquesne Road (FR 61) again. I didn't drive that, but headed back out to Harshaw Road (FR 49) the way I came in.
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Guajalote Peak
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