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Neighborhood Hike, AZ
mini location map2002-01-09
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Neighborhood Hike, AZ 
Neighborhood Hike, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 09 2002
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I put together a hike in my neighborhood for some friends from SAHC. No trails or club recognized peaks are in this area, though Red Butte (the last one we visited for the day), had been on the SAHC peak list until 2000, when it was removed due to access issues. The others are either on private property or surrounded by it. This was a 2002 hike, and we were able to get to Beehive without any hassle. In the case of Red Butte, I knew someone who lived at the base and gained access from their property. As of the time of this post (2019), there are, as you would expect, more homes in this area, so you would need to know someone there or get permission for access.

There have been other changes over the years as well. The area between unnamed peak 3210 and Beehive is a little pocket referred to as Echo Valley by locals. You used to be able to drive through on a dirt road, but last time I checked several years ago it has a locked gate partway through. I actually hiked up unnamed peak 3210 in 1983 from the north side, but that was a couple years before the present day Irvington Road extension between Cardinal and Camino de Oeste was built. That section was open desert with some jeep tracks back then. Many homes are in the area now. I was glad that Pima County was able to save a section from development between Ajo and Irvington roads and create an addition to Tucson Mountain Park (Robles Pass).

As for the hike that day, we enjoyed a little scrambling on the lower portion of 3210, then got only partway up a cleft in Beehive, until it became too difficult for our abilities (and yes, there were bees though they were not aggressive). Red Butte was easy and featured nice views and a little rock fort on top.
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Beehive Peak Cat Mountain Red Butte
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