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Sierra Ancha 2001, AZ
mini location map2001-10-05
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Sierra Ancha 2001, AZ 
Sierra Ancha 2001, AZ
4x4 Trip avatar Oct 05 2001
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4x4 Trip
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It was kind of a sad/nostalgic journey up to the Sierra Ancha on this date. My Mom passed in December 1999, and I pondered where I would take her cremains for awhile, finally settling on the old Peterson homestead above Workman Creek Falls.

A bit of history on the choice: [ triplog ]

It was a fine early fall morning, so I said to Mom, "OK, it's time for one last road trip! You might even know where I'm taking you." :lol: First I drove up Cherry Creek Road to the Devil's Chasm parking area, then back out and continued on up the highway for a stop by the Parker Creek cliffs. Next was a drive up to Aztec Peak, then back down to the Abbey's Way Trailhead, for the walk in to the meadow and apple trees.

Bluebirds. :)
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Peterson Ranch Workman Creek Falls
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