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Owen's Spring Hunt, AZ
mini location map2012-09-18
25 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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Owen's Spring Hunt, AZ 
Owen's Spring Hunt, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 18 2012
Hiking20.25 Miles 2,937 AEG
Hiking20.25 Miles   12 Hrs   50 Mns   2.43 mph
2,937 ft AEG   4 Hrs   30 Mns Break18 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Wow! Hmmm, where to start.... :sweat:

After telling Joe that I didn't need my beauty sleep before a Hike, :o and him mistakenly thinking that it would take us 2 1/2 hours to get to the TH, :D, he showed up at my door at 3:00 A.M..... :sweat: It took us a little over 2 hours (I had to stop at Jack's to get a Meaty Burrito for dinner/breakfast). I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever had to start a Hike with a headlamp.... :)

It was cool out still, which was nice. Not a big fan of Hiking in the dark due to the possible Fauna that may be taking a Siesta by/on the Trail, but it was fine and it didn't take long for the morning Light to start illuminating the awesome vistas in front and behind us.

Pretty ambitious Hike for me, although the ascent/climb is a "nice ramp" instead of something steep, it is still roughly 20 miles, which was going to be a first for me. I think Joe was pretty interested to see how I would do. I caught a momentary look of horror on his face when I showed him my new Hiking Boots. Fresh out of the box, never worn.... :o I managed to at least wipe the look off his face by explaining that I had prepared for the blister contingency, but I think that the aura of trepidation was still swirling in that brain of his.... :sl:

Really enjoyed the Hike in, with Joe being an excellent Tour Guide and pointing out prominent areas that I had never been able to associate with familiar names. The bottom of my right foot got a little hot, but I think it was more from pushing the uphill as much as I could, to keep Joe from mowing me down. Fear is a great motivator..... :D When I did stop to gasp for air, it was usually a hard brake and there were a couple of times that Joe almost laid me out on the Trail.... :sweat:

I was concerned that I would not carry enough water, so we cached some at about the 5 mile mark. Joe climbed up about 15 feet and I gently lobbed him three small bottles for him to put in a tree. He was 2 for 3 on the catching end.... :D

We reached the area where we wanted to search for Owen's elusive Trailer and Spring. Turned left and down we went. This is when we first began to notice the Gnats... :o We kept our stop time short, if you didn't, they were in your eyes, nose, ears and esophagus.... :sweat:

After thanking me for printing out the actual pictures, Joe just had to throw in a comment about the fact that I must have used a half of an ink cartridge to print them, since I printed out the entire black background behind the pictures...(Hey, it was midnight, didn't feel like figuring out the printer setting to eliminate that.) It really made finding the "Y'ed tree" much more difficult, as we couldn't find the black background to go with it..... :sl:

After some exploring and investigating, Joe found the Phantom Trailer and the Tree!!! :y: Then the hunt began for the Spring. We did alot of back and forth searching along, in, and over on the other side of the Creekbed, which was as dry as a bone. There were several large piles of debris within the area where it should have been located, but wasn't about to try and find it under there. There were definitely a couple of suspect areas, but if the Spring is there, it is most assuredly not even dripping.

Finally decided that we were not going to be able to physically identify the actual Spring location without there being some type of flow, so we headed for the Sweet Reward of Reavis Ranch Apples. Man, did they taste good!!! Very cool Orchard!!! Even without the bonus of finding the Trailer, the Apples were worth the Trip!!! :DANCE:

Unfortunately, the Gnats were pretty bad, so it quashed that wonderful idea of taking a nap.... :( We did take a longer break here, eating apples and the lunches we brought with us. Checked my feet, one toe on the right foot was getting pretty sore, but no hot spots or blisters to be had, just one fairly tender toenail. Pretty happy with how these Boots did on this Trip, but I had had a feeling that they would be good, since they had been extremely comfortable right out of the Box.... :) : app :

Then it was time to go, decided to save the actual Ranch Tour for the next Trip, so I would have something new to see and also to spare all of the energy I had left for the Hike out. And I would need it. JBM would have been non-existent if it hadn't been for the Gnats, maybe because I'm JAG???? My PBM was higher than his JBM, both due to the Gnats with all of that undesired protein and eyeliner, and the fact that it was beginning to feel like this entire Hike was an "nice ramp" uphill. :sweat: We got to the last, nice, long, downhill portion and I was finally able to coast.... :)

Really glad I planned the cache, as I would run out of the 5 liters I carried about 1/2 mile from the cache on the way back....6 1/2 liters consumed and could have downed another liter if I had had it.... 8-[ Imagine my horror at thinking that Joe was going to "throw" those bottles back down to me. :o I have seen him throw and I wondered if I was going to take a nosedive down the Canyon to save the precious Water...He kept his throwing to an underhand style :DANCE: and I only had to stretch for one. Being an ex-first baseman definitely had it's benefits. 3 for 3 on the catching end.... :y:

Got to enjoy some of those views I missed on the dark end of the Hike in, and it was stunning. The late afternoon Light was really prominent on some of the features in the Landscape and it was a very cool ending to a great day!!! Spotted the Escape and rejoiced!!! :worthy: I didn't feel horrible at this point, but it was all catching up to me, so it was time for it to end....And it was going to finally be our relief from the Gnats.... :) That ice cold Water and Dew were mighty tasty!!!

On the drive out, encountered two Tarantulas in different spots, crossing the road. It was my first "Wild" Tarantula sighting, so I stopped and got pictures of the first one. He was on a mission to get across the Road so I decided to leave him alone. I was going to pick him up to show Joe, but didn't really want to hear a Denny shriek at this point in time, so I let him and Joe be....

Of course, now, my "looking for Fauna" mode kicked in and since I was becoming hallucinagenic, I slammed on the brakes for a pretty little flowering bush, thinking it was a Desert Tortoise in the road...Will probably never hear the end of that one.....I should have picked up the Tarantula.... :sl:

Made it back to the house in good time after enjoying that wonderful Scenic drive along the Apache Trail. Have not been up past Canyon Lake in over 8 years, so seeing that wonderful country again, with views of Apache Lake, was awesome...

This Hike had alot of "firsts" for me. First time Hiking in this area at all, First time to Reavis, First time Hiking with teh va Joe, First start in the dark, First time eating a "Wild" apple, First time Hiking this distance, First time actually carrying on a conversation throughout most of the uphill, (accounted for a few more stops than normal, since my Oxygen intake just couldn't keep up with the Uphill, Conversation, and Laughter, all at the same time...) and the very First time that I have ever been turned down when I offered to teach someone the fine art and mechanics of "throwing"..... :sl:

Joe, it was an honor, thanks for the invite!!! It was an awesome Hike with awesome, patient, company and hopefully some day, we can do it again!!!

P.S. My mother was extremely disappointed that I did not bring her any apples, since she really wanted a Bushel of them. I explained to her that I just didn't have the extra energy to pack them out for her. She suggested that next time, I take a Pack Animal. Joe????? :sweat:

:y: :thanx:
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