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Grant Creek Trail #305
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mini location map2012-07-16
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Grant Creek Trail #305Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 16 2012
Hiking5.49 Miles 1,510 AEG
Hiking5.49 Miles   5 Hrs   47 Mns   2.21 mph
1,510 ft AEG   3 Hrs   18 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Last day of my Camping/Hiking Trip to the Pinalenos. Woke up at Snow Flat, after an almost all night rain, to Blue Skies with just a few Clouds. Got everything semi dry, packed up and headed down the Hill to pick up Chad for my last Hike of the Trip. We had decided, that although it would be warm, we would be doing Grant Creek. We had no plans to do the whole Trail, after 5 straight days of Hiking, there was no way I was going to be physically up for that, but we wanted to go in at least a couple of miles or so.

After picking up Chad, we headed off. This was the first time I have driven the Stockton Pass through the Greasewoods and Chad was at his finest, being the informative Tour Guide, showing me various Points of Interest along the way. What a cool area! There is definitely some worthwhile winter Hiking in these Hills!!! Unfortunately, the West End of the Range was badly burned last month, so some of the area will have to be put off for awhile, but there is still plenty to see and do!

Drove around and kind of through, the Fort Grant Federal Prison and got on the dirt road. I was slightly worried, given all of the Rain overnight and the day before, what kind of condition the road would be in, but it was adequate for the Escape. We parked approximately 1/2 mile before the Grant Goudy Trail Junction, as the road turned more into 4x4 territory from that point on.

It was pretty warm starting out on the road, with no shade to speak of, but then, wow! There was no shade lacking the rest of the Hike!!! :D Trees, Trees and more Trees. Oaks, Sycamores, Cottonwoods, and as you went further up, Junipers and Pines. What an amAZing Trail!!! Forget the Creek! Even with no Creek, it is a great Trail! The Creek, especially if it's running, is just a huge Bonus! : app :

When we first encountered the Creek, it was mostly dry, with just a few pools of stagnant Water. Apparently Grant Creek also serves as a Water Supply for Fort Grant, so they tap into it down low. As we went higher, we finally started encountering some flowing Water past their last Pumphouse. The flow was light, it was apparent that the recent Rains had not affected the Creek yet, but it was still nice and there were several swimming holes, one of which I took advantage of on the way back.... :D There were also some awesome looking Campsites along the way. The Trail parallels Grant Creek for awhile and then Grant Creek splits off and you are actually paralleling Post Creek after that. Post Creek also had a nice, light flow so we got to enjoy it as well. Would love to be on this Trail during Spring Runoff, holy cow, I can't even imagine the Flow of Water down this Canyon.... :)

Although it was very humid and the Clouds again were building into something that was starting to look fairly ominous, we went up the Trail until the big set of Switchbacks started. We agreed that this was our turn around point, but before we headed back, we took a few pictures of the Creek and ate some lunch. The wind picked up, we were starting to hear thunder and it was getting pretty dark, so we finally tore ourselves away and headed back down. All of that grumbling weather was for naught however, as the Storm went around us, so we stopped a few times on the way back, for more pictures of the Creeks.

Got back out on the part of the Road where the Trees basically end and the Desert again dominates the Landscape. And what a great, late, afternoon Landscape it was! Monsoon Storms hitting the Valley below us again, for the second straight day and it was a beautiful sight! Behind us, the Pinalenos were starting to gradually get swallowed up in the Clouds. We got back to the car after some more pics and didn't hit any Rain until after Fort Grant. We drove right into the Monsoon and the poor car finally got a good washing!!! :)

The Drive back was just as Scenic as the Storm Clouds kept the Lighting and the Landscape very interesting and fresh. Dropped Chad off at his vehicle and hit the road for the journey back to the Concrete Jungle. Incredible Hike, Incredible Trail, Incredible Weather and yep, the Company was pretty darn good too! Another worthwhile Trip down to SE Arizona, with hopefully many more Trips to come. Thanks Chad! :y:
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water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Grant Creek Light flow Light flow
Light Flow down until you hit the uppermost Pumphouse for Fort Grant, then it's Pools with no Flow and in some areas, completely dry.

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Post Creek Light flow Light flow
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