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Gila-Pinal Scenic Road
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mini location map2013-01-31
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Gila-Pinal Scenic RoadGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Scenic Drive avatar Jan 31 2013
Scenic Drive26.00 Miles 2,700 AEG
Scenic Drive26.00 Miles   2 Hrs      13.00 mph
2,700 ft AEG
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Day 4 of my Getaway/Break from Reality.... :sweat:

Said goodbye to Roper Lake, the Pinalenos and Chad and drove west. My original plan was to head for Alamo Lake, but plans have a way of changing mid route... :D It was suggested that I just go down and take I-10 around, but even though it's Reservation, I thoroughly enjoy the scenery of Highways 60 and 70. I think the Highway between Globe and Superior is one of my favorite stretches of road in that part of the state. Plus I had another motive this time. I wanted to see if Queen Creek was still flowing down the Canyon. It was... :D And the Water had cleared up, so it was much cleaner than that muddy Cascade I had seen earlier in the week... :DANCE:

Spent over an hour in Queen Creek Canyon, just enjoying the Falls and taking some pics. It was getting late and I'm was starting to rethink getting all the way to Alamo Lake today. I stopped at the Tourist area/Park in Superior to see what my options were for camping in the area, as I was thinking about Hiking up Queen Creek Canyon the next day. Everything's was closed, but I ran into the "Von Trapp" family in the parking lot... :sl: Actually they were a really cool, musical, singing family of 7 who had pulled up roots in Washington State and had been on the road for the last 40 days, with 2 Vans, pulling 2 Trailers full of musical instruments. They were exploring the West, trying to decide where they wanted to live...The reason I brought them up is because the two older children, (late teens, early 20s) started asking me questions about the AZT out of Superior. They got this brilliant idea that the two of them would start Hiking the AZT from Picketpost and hike all the way down to Oracle, on a whim... :o No maps, no GPS, no research, nothing but the gear...And they were "unplugged" as they called it, with not even a smartphone or computer access to look anything up. They started asking me about Water along the way. They stated that they were experienced Hikers and Backpackers, but I still had reservations about seeing them do a Hike like that without any prep :stop: soooo, I talked them out of doing it at all... ;) They had already been to Tucson once before anyway, so I actually told them about SE AZ, since they all like to Hike and are camping out until they settle in somewhere. They seemed excited about it, so I sent them down to Chad, who set them up with some Hikes in the Pinalenos and got them in contact with Chiricahua NM. :D They were so happy with all of the information, they sang me a song in the Parking Lot and gave me a bottle of Sockeyed Salmon that they had "canned" themselves... :D What a nice little family! :lol:

Now, it's really getting late and I decide to just keep driving...Hit Phoenix right at prime rush hour, :roll: and drove through town. Decided against driving the road into Alamo after dark and so I headed up Highway 93. I had planned on visiting the Arrastra Mountain area as part of this Trip anyway, so I just went there first. I was thinking about Camping around the Santa Maria River, but it was full dark when I got there and it would have been hard to judge the driving and finding a camping spot, so I continued on and pulled into the Burro Creek Campground for the night. I had heard of this Campground before, probably from reading Triplogs, but then the Von Trapp family had also mentioned it and said it was pretty nice...So they ended up returning the favor and it was nice...And the getaway continues...It was another good day! :)
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