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Eagle Eye Mountains
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mini location map2013-02-13
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Eagle Eye MountainsSouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 13 2013
Hiking3.50 Miles 1,125 AEG
Hiking3.50 Miles   5 Hrs   36 Mns   1.74 mph
1,125 ft AEG   3 Hrs   35 Mns Break6 LBS Pack
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So, I'm driving around the Aguila area going to and from Alamo Lake and notice what is a possibly very large Arch just south of the Town of Aguila...I'm thinking, hmmm....Then Preston posts a Triplog of Alamo Lake and states that he is going to Aguila next week...Hmmm.... :sl: I PM him and it's on.... :DANCE:

Preston had the route all figured out already, so I just showed up at the local Cemetery and parked it...Preston poked around the Cemetery a little before I got there, so after getting situated, we took off. I'm not big on walking around in a Cemetery unless it has a lot of history, I just feel weird about that. But just outside of it, is the best place to park.

We had originally planned on a bigger Loop than what we actually did...We soon figured out that there is so much to explore in this little area that time was against us...Numerous Caves, Addits, Arches....Wow!!! There are two main Arches shown on the topo, but there are a bunch of little ones. The topo lists one of the smaller Mountains as Eagle Eye Mountain and the large Mountain as Eagle Eye Peak. Eagle Eye Peak has the large, main Arch. The other Arch on the topo is on a smaller hill behind Eagle Eye Mountain. We started the Loop going CCW, following a small dirt road, but decided against following the road the whole way, as it ends up too far west. Apparently, the local residents feel that this flat area around the Cemetery makes for a good dump as we ran into a couple of very large trashy areas, one on each side of the Cemetery boundaries...Pitiful... :sk:

Preston's first goal was to hit a Cave shown on the topo. When I first saw it, I didn't think it was doable, but as we got closer, hmmmm, and up we went... :D What looked like a large Cave turned out to be more of an Alcove, with a smaller one right next to it. Nice views from here. Everywhere you looked in this little Range, there were Caves and Alcoves...You could spend days... :D And it also became very apparent, early on, that Birds of Prey love this area...Not only could you find a niche for selling bird poop, but apparently they dine up there as well, as there were small bird bones everywhere at the base of the cliffs. I even found a skull with the beak still attached... :o I also found a tiny legbone with a Band still attached. I took that one and am researching the Band.... :) We apparently were also bothering a pair of Hawks of some sort, as at one time they were soaring large circles around us, screaming their displeasure...Almost nesting time.... :) I'm thinking that they were possibly Swainsons...Could not get a picture, too far away and not quick enough, as I was usually clinging to a Rock at the time.... :sweat:

So after playing at the Cave/Alcove, it was time to get on top of Eagle Eye Mountain. Not happening from there, so we bushwacked pretty much at the base of the cliffs until we found a place to go up. It was steep and there was scrambling involved but all in all, not bad. Came upon another very cool Cave that was connected to another Cave above it. Could instantly tell that there would be no getting in the lower Cave without technical gear, but the higher one ended up being kind of accessible. It was not easy to get to the entrance and once there, you really could not go in more than 6 feet as the floor dropped away into the Cave below...Very sweet though...The longing for a rope was very strong here... :D

We topped out on Eagle Eye Mountain and were treated to some very sweet, clear views for miles in every direction...Spent some time enjoying this, taking pics and studying Eagle Eye Peak across the valley, including the incredibly disgusting Graffiti that someone took a lot of time and paint to do...Right at the big Arch too... ](*,)

We hiked along the very Rocky ridgeline and found an exit spot further south, as we wanted to get down to the Valley floor and continue south to the hill with the smaller Arch. Finding a Route is not easy, you can "cliff out" in alot of areas and all of it is pretty steep with ball bearing slopes and scree....But we lucked out and got down and proceeded over to the small hill. Decided to try to find a better route than what presented on the north side and we went over the ridge on the east end and came at it from the south. As we were climbing up the ridge, we saw a plane circling that looked "vintage"...I couldn't get a shot of it then, as it appeared to land at the Private Airport northeast of the Cemetery. I got a shot of it later, but it was out quite a bit and I had to use full zoom, so it's blurry.... ;)

Just before the last climb up to the Arch, I spotted a bunch of Bees flying in and out of the wall of the Cliff. We were slated to go right past that spot, but opted to drop down about 20 feet and go around. Apparently that was enough, as we were not bothered by dive bombing, stinging bees. It looked like they had a Hive in a crevice there.... :o Something for you all to keep in mind if you do this Hike...

The Arch was very cool, and although it was a small hill compared to the other "mountains" in this grouping, you still had some great views, including the entire little valley of this little Range... :)

After messing around up there a little bit, we opted to try to find a way down the north "face". I found it and it was actually pretty easy...:D Hardly any scrambling at all. We walked back through the Valley. There is actually a road that runs through the whole valley from the Cemetery out to Eagle Eye Road to the west. We followed this road until I spotted a Saguaro that looked like it was Crested. "Squirrel"! :sl: And it was a Crested! It's just a baby as far as Cresteds go, but it's on it's way... :y: After the photo ops were done, we intersected back up with the road and headed back to the vehicles.

Would have liked to Hiked up to the Peak and the big Arch, but time wasn't on our side today. Will be returning to this area very soon!!! What an awesome little area!!! I am actually working on a Description for this, as this area deserves to have it's own page... :) Perfect Hike for me at this time, since I'm really out of shape, but it was awesome...Thanks for the invite Preston!!! I'll be back... :D

Afterwards Preston and his wife Bernie treated me to some really good Mexican Food in Wickenburg called El Ranchero. It was really good and I would highly recommend the place... :) You picked all the winners today Preston...Thank you! Really good to see Bernie again too... : app :

I do apologize for the large Photoset...Very interesting area... ;)
Saguaro - Crested
Natural Arch
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