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Burro Creek Campground
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mini location map2013-01-31
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Burro Creek CampgroundNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Car Camping avatar Jan 31 2013
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After leaving Safford and traveling through a wonderful Queen Creek Canyon, I found myself once again, traveling between Lake Pleasant and Highway 60 right at Sunset. Don't know what it is about this area, but it can certainly boast some great color at Dusk... :y: Of course, I had to stop... :D

Got to Burro Creek Campground about 8:00. Of course it's pitch black, but there were a few people scattered around. Set up and wondered if the Creek was running after all of the Rain we had, and wondering how far from the Creek I actually was. After someone finally turned off their generator, I could hear it and it sounded good... :)

Woke up the next morning to some nice views. The Creek looked like a small River with nice Cliffs and a small Box Canyon bordering it to the west. There were tons of Birding opportunities almost first thing, but my Camera missed them all... :roll: Watched a Bald Eagle literally chase a Great Blue Heron in midair, very 8) . Saw at least two Bald Eagles, half a dozen Great Blue Herons, a couple of Hawks and some Waterfowl...And a Bull, that apparently calls the Campground his home... :sweat:

After exploring the Campground a little and moving my Camp to a site overlooking the Creek, I met a nice couple about my age. They had taken an early retirement and had been RVing it for the last 3 years. They had two matching Rat Terriers that were a hoot...We ended up getting together later that evening around my Campfire and roasting Hot Dogs, which they hadn't done in years... :lol: Took a small Hike in the afternoon that I'll put on a separate Triplog to break up the pictures.

The next morning I broke Camp and went over to my new friends' RV and tried to get some Hummingbird pictures. It appears to be a tradition with RVers that wherever they stop and camp, they put up a Hummingbird Feeder. I ran into the same thing later on this Trip at Alamo Lake. Man, it takes about 5 minutes for those Hummingbirds to discover them, it's like they keep an eye out for big objects on wheels, knowing that some free meals are coming... :D

If I had known there were 3 HAZer(d)s in the area that day, I probably would have hung around and Hiked up the Creek and met them. A Singer, an Eagle, and a guy that probably did 100 Sea Level to Everest trips this last year, had started their Hike that morning 100 yds from my Camp. Probably a good thing I hadn't known, or I would have been still driving into Alamo Lake in the dark... :sweat:

Nice little Campground! It is a Fee area, and your options for Hiking out of there are limited. Unless you follow the Creek, a big bulk of the land west of the Road is Private Property, so it kind of limits what you can do a bit...But it was a nice stay and may be a destination again... :)

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At Burro Creek Campground, west of Highway 93.
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