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The SpineGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 10 2013
Hiking4.00 Miles 1,300 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles   4 Hrs      1.33 mph
1,300 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break12 LBS Pack
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So, I wussed out... :sl: The plan had changed to Camping just Saturday night, but with the weather and differing opinions on whether the wet Road in would be passable for a non 4x4, I opted out of the Camping and met up with the Group Sunday morning. The Norbys, and some friends, John and Chong, had Camped Saturday night, but Mark, his companion, and SAMBA had all opted for warm beds under a real roof. :sweat:

1st time out in this area, so all of it was new to me. The Drive in, once you turn off Battle Axe Road was interesting...The Escape got a little bit of a workout and got just a tad muddy... :sweat: I had printed out a Map of the Route in, but I missed an important landmark and sorta lost the concept of how far in I was. I think I figured it out eventually, and ended up stopping at an intersection to wait for Mark. Turns out I was only about 50 yards from where the Camp was at Option 2. I actually mistakenly branded Joel as a Cow on the Hill above me... :sl: I got there plenty early, so I had a little time to waste. It wasn't wasted for long with Photo Ops abounding.... :D

Fairly soon, the Camping Crew showed up with a change of plans. Instead of The Rincon, they decided to do The Spine. So we headed out, with Joel, Belinda and I holding our breath just slightly on an uphill and the Rock...We made it, me with a little tire spinning on the Hill and Joel with about an inch of clearance to spare, in his Subaru, going over the Rock... :sweat: It wasn't the last time I would hold my breath that day... :sl: (But we made Joel lead, so if the Subaru could do it, I knew I'd be fine... :D )

We met Mark and Samba coming in, so we regrouped and headed to The Spine. The Road in to that TH was a bit of a challenge, but we got there. Oh ya, you guys want to hear about the Hike! :sl: It was awesome!

We went pretty much straight up, arriving at the top right at the north end. And then the fun really began as you negotiate the Roller Coaster Ridge of Boulders... :y: I brought up the rear, which I expected, since I have done very little elevation since the beginning of the Year. The Crew was great though and it was a good time!!! Got to the end of the actual "Spine" and had some lunch. John and Chong decided to bail there and go down, and after seeing what else the others had in mind, I elected to join in on the bailout... :sweat: Just didn't think I was up for more elevation on this day.

So we split, and our little Crew of 3 navigated down the slope. We ran into one little area that had some Poppies, but beyond that, they were few and far between, with a few lonely Lupine showing up as well. But the ground was covered with several varieties of blooming ground cover type flora. And there were areas where you might as well have been on a Golf Green... :D

We caught up with the Drainage that takes you back towards the TH. We had followed this Drainage for just a bit going in and the Slick Rock areas were very cool. The 3 of us opted to take it all the way back and I'm glad we did. It was awesome. There was just a trickle of Water through most of it, I think a majority of the Water was running underneath the sand areas we walked through.

Got back to the Vehicles and I followed John out, eventually ending up at the intersection of Battle Axe and 177. I decided to wait for the others so I could say goodbye and make sure they got out. Took a nice nap and then the others rolled up. Said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways. I stopped in Superior at Los Hermanos for a bite and then on the drive out of Superior, I stopped and did a short Hike up Arnett Creek, which had a nice flow for a change... :) I was trying to kill a little time, so I didn't get tangled in the mess of vehicles coming out of the Renaissance Festival... :o

It was a great day! Thanks for the invite Belinda! It was good company and it's always nice to meet some additional HAZers! I definitely need to do more in this area! : app :

Last note: The Ford Escape I had did really well, but I don't think I would attempt either the road to the Spine or the road around Battle Axe in anything lower than the Subaru.... :o :sweat:
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Only a few "groups" of Poppies and some lonely Lupines. In areas though, the ground was covered with tiny blooming foliage...
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