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Grandview Hotel & Hearst Tanks, AZ
mini location map2013-04-18
15 by photographer avatarHippy
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Grandview Hotel & Hearst Tanks, AZ 
Grandview Hotel & Hearst Tanks, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 18 2013
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Hiking2.90 Miles
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I started this day off with a trip to the General Store where I ran into one of the old local guys who immediately asked "Have you found the hotel yet?" I smiled and called back to him "On my way now!"

With two bottles of vitamin water, 3 clif bars and a full camera battery I exited Grand Canyon National Park and filled up the Suby's fuel tank in Tusayan....$4.39 a gallon!!! :tt:

Anywho, I glanced at the map and instantly found my friend FR302 and cranked up my Journey CD and was off.
FR302 is dusty but calm, well maintained and used, really enjoyed it, it was a 16 mile scenic drive from Tusayan to Grandview Lookout Tower.

Once at the tower I cartwheeled....well, duh! Snapped a few photos of the area and set my nerves aside as I climbed the 100 steps up, up, UP the stairs of the tower....the views were...spectacular, amazing, astounding...downright sexy!

After the tower I re-entered the park and found myself on the 64 just a mile or two east of where I wanted to be.
I found the "Old Hearst Pullout", parked and set off into the woods without a second thought, in a matter of minutes I found the Old Grandview Hotel Road, it's really just an overgrown scar, but anyone who knows it's there will know it led me directly to a clearing which to me (at first) looked like an old camping spot....uhhh, where's the hotel site?! Ugh, I must have gone the wrong disappointed! Oh well, I turned around, headed east and in under 5 minutes I found myself on top of a tiny hill looking down at a watering hole....holy beans it's the first of the Hearst Tanks! The largest of the three! Whoo!
The other two are smaller and due north of the first, just beyond them is the Rim and an absolutely AMAZING view...and of course I found a dead thing...scattered mule deer bones, oh joy. I darted back to the Subaru after a few more photos and decided to try finding the hotel "ruins" from the west side.

Another mile down the main road I parked at an even more obvious pullout that had a sign saying "No vehicles, foot traffic only" *ahem* THIS is definitely the Old Grandview Hotel Road....guess where it led me...uh huh, right back to that same clearing as before!

The only difference in coming from this side was that I was faced with small objects of "old" that whispered truth of my destination. An old ruined rock wall here, rusted tin cans there, a horseshoe, more cans, cemented bricks there....the part that struck me hardest was the trees...imagine if you will the site of this Grand Hotel...

A two-three story building nestled in the woods with a few clearings, a few outside structures...there would be no trees in these spaces...but 90 years later...there would be trees galore, grown up, deep rooted....but they would still be a good 20 feet shorter than all the rest!

Fascinating area, so much history, it almost screams it's story to you as you walk past the rubbled piles of stone and someone not well versed in the history of the area you might just see....well, nothing, a few piles of cemented rock would be rubble and trees, that's it. Learn before you visit and you will not be disappointed.
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