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New Hance to Grandview, AZ
mini location map2013-11-15
30 by photographer avatarHippy
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New Hance to Grandview, AZ 
New Hance to Grandview, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 15 2013
Backpack18.50 Miles 6,200 AEG
Backpack18.50 Miles2 Days         
6,200 ft AEG
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Deliver to Captain John Hance, Grand Canyon, AZ
Captain Hance, today I embark on another journey. My first trek down your most recent trail aptly named New Hance. I must point out one thing. Peter Barry has an amazing parking area at the trailhead of his Grandview Trail, your trail deserves better than a "No Parking" sign and a ditch to prevent vehicles from parking in the dirt.
Thanks for your time,

To John Hance,
Mister Hance, your trail is spectacular, the views are stunning and the trail itself is in great condition, it is much easier than many have previously stated. I am very impressed. I cannot say the same for my hiking companions, they seem to be having a hard time staying on their feet as the trail is a bit steep in places. Have you seen the stromatolites along the creek in Red Canyon?! I haven't but I heard they're there, I'll have to take another trip out there and find out. Speaking of, the water in Red Canyon was a salty sweet, probably not best for drinking but my innards haven't thrown a fit yet.
One of my companions decided to abandon trail just before the red wall break, it was wonderful having him along I do hope to hike with him again sometime soon!
Yours truly,

Dear John,
Hi again, I just wanted to tell you that your Rapid, Hance Rapids is THE most beautiful site, with the diabase dike in the hakatai shale at the head of the rapid, John I think I love you! You, your stories, your trail, your rapids. Yes, this might be my favorite adventure thus far!
I only hope you had next to nothing to do with the Tonto trail out to Hance Creek, the trail went wonky all over the place at some points and in others it was built up onto giant boulders causing little tiny me to do some climbing up on top of them. Although we both know I loved it!
We saw a beautiful double rainbow along the tonto heading for the creek in your name, we got rained on and hailed on and almost had to bivvy up under the tapeats overhang but the day was young and beautiful and we pressed on.
Camping at Hance Creek was superb, the wind was atrocious but extravagant at the same time! It made for quite a fun evening wrestling with tent ties and poles and wrapping our food up in my rain jacket and stuffing it in the ratsack, it worked quite nicely actually.
This will be my last letter to you...for now. Look into some trail head parking areas, ok?
Love always.

Dearest Peter Barry,
I know we haven't spoken in some time but I thought I'd drop a hello. I hiked up to Page Spring the other day with my dear friend John, don't be jealous, I will always love you and your trail. I do wonder though, who had the grand idea to make it such a steep ascent to Horseshoe Mesa? Did you put your mules through that hell? I might have to speak with you about animal cruelty laws nowadays because honestly I'd never allow my mules to go up that trail. I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed it, steep as it was! Page Spring was dripping nicely and the pool was a beautiful Chrystal clear green. We explored two or three of your mine shafts on our way up, the trail is quite straightforward and I thank you for your foresight on such matters.
All my love

Dear Petey B,
Apparently your trail along Horseshoe Mesa is not as simple and straightforward as previously thought, a family lost their 17 year old son on the mesa, John and I thought nothing of it until I spotted the boy heading out on the east arm of the mesa, so of course I hefted off my pack and tracked him down and reunited him with his family. I must say he was rather baffled when I ran up to him, he pulled off his hat and brushed his hands through his hair and stuttered through his words and attempted to convince me that he was not lost. Boys...
John and I tailed him up the trail briefly when we discovered the reason for his becoming "lost", this explains the goofy grin on his face! The boy was 9Ling like a fool!!
I absolutely LOVE heading up Grandview Trail! Thank you Petey for this lovely historic jaunt through the grandest geology we have to play with!
Love always

Peter Barry,
Listen, I know we've have our ups and down, mostly downs but today I'm heading UP and I MUST protest, my love! Cobblestones?! Two foot tall stepping stairs?! Peter, darling, I might be stubborn but with my short legs and tiny feet I am no mule! Please my love, reconsider this madness! Cobblestones!! Good grief man!!

Dear Peter Barry,
I'll take crazy John Hance and his lack of trail head parking anytime, go :pk: yourself.
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