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New Hance to Grandview, AZ
mini location map2012-09-22
39 by photographer avatarTough_Boots
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New Hance to Grandview, AZ 
New Hance to Grandview, AZ
Backpack avatar Sep 22 2012
Backpack18.50 Miles 6,026 AEG
Backpack18.50 Miles3 Days         
6,026 ft AEG
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1st trip
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What a fantastic trip! My legs are gonna hurt for days. ;)

Day 1: Todd, John, and I drove from the Valley up to Flagstaff to pick up Larry and head up to the Canyon. We arrived and set up camp at Mather and then checked out Shoshone Point. Its a beautiful and secluded little picnic area that's only about a mile walk down a dirt road-- worth the time for sure. We checked out a another scenic spot but I forget what it was called. Larry's wonderful wife showed up later in the evening to stay with us and help shuttle in the morning.

Day 2: We woke up, broke down camp, grabbed some last minute stuff at the market, and headed over to the New Hance TH. New Hance must be the longest seven miles anywhere. It's loose, steep, and unrelenting. There are plenty of awkward downclimbs for someone with a full pack on. All that said-- its an absolutely beautiful trail though the hardest trail I ever done as a backpack. I was happy to finally reach Red Canyon where the going was easy. We eventually made it to the river and found a nice spot. Filtering water was not an easy task at the river. John filled his collapsible bucket to let settle until morning and Todd and Larry filtered what they could for the night. Larry's ceramic msr filter was the much filter for the Colorado. We also got to see a group of rafters come through. The others took a quick hike down the Enchantment Trail and I stayed back. All the downhill had my knee pretty sore so I wanted to rest up for the next day. We had mice visitors at night and were very happy that we had enough ratsacks for all the food.

Day 3: We left camp with plenty of water and headed towards Hance Creek. This section of the Tonto is steep at first and then settles into an easy hike after a few miles. The views are amazing since they always are in the Canyon. We made it to Hance Creek which had plenty of water flowing, set up camp, and cleaned up. We had talked earlier about heading down canyon and taking a dayhike to Sockdolager Rapids but now all decided against it-- that would be a full day adventure for another trip. We mostly sat around camp and hung out all day enjoying the surroundings.

Day 4: It was time to get up and head out. We packed up camp and started our climb. Our exit day was all about elevation gain. The hike all the way to Page Spring is pretty steady. The spring has plenty of cool water. We filtered a little extra just to be safe, took a short rest, and headed on our way. The views are amazing all the way up to Horseshoe Mesa even though the trail seems painfully steep. I made my way to the top. I pulled my camera out to get some shots and rest a bit and of course that's when I get clumsy. I fell flat on my face with my pack on. My glasses cut my face a bit, I have a pretty gnarly bump on my forehead that I'm sure one of my fellow trip-mates will post a picture of, and I broke my camera :( . That is definitely the hardest anything has ever hit my face before :sl: . We checked out the cabin and then headed on up. The trail is nice at first and then gets steeper and steeper. The view of Horseshoe Mesa gets better and better. It's a great trail but a tough one. I finally made it to the top and was done :y:

It was a challenging backpack but worth every step. Thanks to John for setting this up, Chumley for driving, and Larry for the company and the great pizza :)
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Named place
Page Spring Vishnu Temple
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