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Buster Canyon Loop - Tucson
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mini location map2013-06-20
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Buster Canyon Loop - TucsonTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 20 2013
Hiking5.19 Miles 2,047 AEG
Hiking5.19 Miles   4 Hrs   12 Mns   1.50 mph
2,047 ft AEG      45 Mns Break8 LBS Pack
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I had hiked to Buster Mountain by the usual route the first time, then heard that there was another trail up a ridge on the other side of the canyon. So, I asked some of my cronies what they knew about this area. I got a lot of mixed info from the old timers, I found a bit of information through Google, then I sat down and sorted what I had (which turns out to be surprisingly little). What I did find was that there was an old trail to Buster Spring along a no-named ridge north of Buster Canyon (I'm not sure that the canyon has an official name, but 2 old timers referred to it as such, so...). With little else to go on, I turned to Google Earth and found what looked like pieces of trail as described. My second trip to Buster Mountain would be along that possible route. With a few hiccups, I made the second trip, eventually locating the mystery trail, then recording a full track on my return.

Today was the day that I would christen the Buster Canyon Loop. I hit the trail at 04:45, with all the details already in my head. The approach was unbelievably beautiful, with the sun rising and setting over the landscape again and again. The lighting is horrible for taking pics, but to the eye, it just doesn't get any better.

On my last trip, I almost stumbled into Buster Spring, but this time couldn't find it (there's a small spur that leads to it, which I failed to mark), but that wasn't my purpose today. Today was all about traversing Buster Canyon. I did take a break at Buster Mountain before taking the rock slide back to the park, finishing up at 09:00.

This an excellent hike. I recommend it to all.

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