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Hyder Valley Section Corner Hunt, AZ
mini location map2013-07-17
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Hyder Valley Section Corner Hunt, AZ 
Hyder Valley Section Corner Hunt, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 17 2013
Hiking5.70 Miles 150 AEG
Hiking5.70 Miles
150 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Working on a resurvey of T4S R10W, and needed to check Section Corners along the east Range Line of the township. Quickest to walk so I started at the cattle guard where Hyder Road crosses the Range Line and headed north and picked up all 7 corners from the Southeast of 13 north to the Northeast of 1, then got the North and Northwest of 1 along the way to where my partner had the truck (4.3 miles). All monuments found were intact 1914 GLO caps on pipes, in much better shape than most of the monuments in the "developed" western part of the township. Tacked on another 1.4 miles later picking up the East of 14 from the North of 14.

Boring flat desert with not much to look at but I did see some deer tracks from the last day or so (we saw a pair of deer further south yesterday)and found an intact 1940s vintage pint liquor bottle somewhere along the way.
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