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Bear Canyon Lake, AZ
mini location map2013-06-08
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Bear Canyon Lake, AZ 
Bear Canyon Lake, AZ
Fishing avatar Jun 08 2013
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WE drove up Friday afternoon arriving around 7:15 and got a spot in the campground so we were able to get up early and down to the lake for a prime spot in the morning. Lots of activity on the lake today, with a group of 20 or so Girl Scouts trying out canoeing, other kayakers and canoe paddlers out fishing or just cruising and lots of people fishing as well. Three trout caught in the morning: two holdovers on bait and one fresh stocker on a lure, the latter got a reprieve since it was on the small side. We went back up to camp for a siesta and almost immediately began regretting having camped there as Saturday arrivals packed in on both sides of our spot. Should have gone for a spot in the dispersed area along the main road out towards the power lines.

Back down to the lake for an afternoon session, which brought just one more trout caught, another small one on a lure which again got turned back. Didn't see very many other people catching anything so I was glad to have gotten four. Unfortunately cindyl came away empty handed for the day, but we had a good time and it was a treat to watch a pair of ospreys fishing in the late afternoon.
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Bear Canyon Lake
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