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Castle Dome Peak - KOFA
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mini location map2013-02-09
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Castle Dome Peak - KOFASouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 09 2013
Hiking6.00 Miles 2,100 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles   6 Hrs      1.20 mph
2,100 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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I did this hike 3 years ago, and thought it would fit the bill for a quick weekend trip to Yuma with cindyl. In order to have plenty of time for the hike we left town before dawn and, with a few stops along the way, we were on the trail at 10:40. The walk up the wash served as a good warm up, with a fair amount of Brittlebush and Chuparosa in bloom along the way, and we hit the arrow in good time and turned to start climbing. With two pairs of eyes, it was much easier to follow the primary route; on my previous trip I had lost it and bushwhacked on both the climb to the finger and descent from there. This time, we followed the same route in both directions.

As we neared the finger, we sat down for a break out of the wind and were surprised to hear calls from above, since there were no vehicles at the parking area and we had seen no tracks. Once we resumed, we met up with and chatted with a pair of hikers who had climbed up the west face; we had passed their Jeep on the way in and wondered about what its owners were doing. They described the west side bushwhack as "not much more difficult, but with more exposure."

After our chat, we resumed the climb and reached the finger, where we dropped our trekking poles for the hands on scramble up from there. This section is more well cairned, and we made our way up and finally reached the summit. We signed in and took some photos from the summit, and then dropped back down one level on the east side to get out of the wind and relax a bit before starting down. With the afternoon sun further up the hill, we got out of the shade pretty quickly and made our way back down with just one fall apiece, and then strolled back out the wash to the truck. We drove back out about a mile and a half and camped at a spot I remembered seeing people at three years ago. After a bit, we had the tent up, dinner made and a fire going for a wonderful evening.
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Castle Dome Peak
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