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LaBarge Spr via Bluff Spr and Dutchman, AZ
mini location map2012-11-11
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LaBarge Spr via Bluff Spr and Dutchman, AZ 
LaBarge Spr via Bluff Spr and Dutchman, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 11 2012
Hiking11.30 Miles 2,187 AEG
Hiking11.30 Miles
2,187 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I set off this morning with plans to rendezvous with cindyl on her way in from an overnight at Charlesbois Spring and hike back out with her so I hit the trailhead not long after the sun came up but took my time getting geared up and ready to go, since the earlier I started the longer my hike would be (plus it was just a tad chilly this morning). I finally set off around 8:00 and cranked out the first steep uphill as quickly as I could to get warm.

I enjoyed the walk through Barks Canyon, especially the view of Weaver's Needle peeking over the end of the canyon, and met the first group of the morning about halfway up the climb up out of it, a couple who were on their way in from an overnight. The walk through Bluff Spring Canyon was also nice, with water pools and even a bit of flow moving in spots from the rains on Friday and Saturday nights. A group of four greeted me near the Dutchman Trail junction, not quite breaking camp yet and still trying to get warm. Near another camp just past there I was greeted by two friendly white dogs whose owners were chatting with a pair who were enjoying their morning coffee.

I was targeting about 6 miles or so to meet up with cindyl and when I got to where I could see the trees at LaBarge Spring, I was figuring that would probably be pretty close to it. I made my way along the meanders of this section of trail, finally dropping down the last little bit to the trail junction and just as if we had planned it, there was cindyl on her first break of the morning.

I sat down to join her for a break of my own, and after a chat with a pair coming out from Peters Mesa, we started out back the way I had come in. With cindyl carrying a full pack, we took our time and enjoyed several breaks while she rested her weary shoulders. We knew we were getting close to the trailhead when we started encountering people with problems: backpacker separated from his hiking partner; day hikers missing a member of their party; and a family wanting to get to Fremont Saddle hiking up the wrong trail.

Unfortunately, circumstances and shortsightedness left us without any ice cold beverages waiting for our return to the trailhead, so we stowed our gear quickly and hightailed it over to Gold Canyon where we enjoyed a pizza and refreshments at the Hitching Post before heading home.

For various reasons I've never done a whole lot of hiking in the Superstition Wilderness, but after this trip I'm sure I'll be back for more.

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