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Upper Buck Spring Canyon - Mogollon Rim
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mini location map2013-07-21
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Upper Buck Spring Canyon - Mogollon RimPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 21 2013
Hiking6.80 Miles 1,624 AEG
Hiking6.80 Miles   3 Hrs   32 Mns   2.47 mph
1,624 ft AEG      47 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
1st trip
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The day started early. The invite said "Beat the Heat Hike". I drove and was only a few minutes late picking everyone up. We made good time but had two sets of directions. Don't trust Google unless you have a 4x4. It became clear very quickly my Journey was not going to make it long on this muddy road. This however was the only point we saw any Elk. 10 minute back track to Rim Road and we were back on schedule. The views off the side of the rim are amazing. The burned out area'a are spooky but more about that in a minute. At first we passed the trail head but we recognized this pretty quickly. This trail is literally difficult only at this point. Find the trail head and make it down in the trees and just follow the orange PVC pipes and bird houses if you get turned around from the clearly warn path. The trail breaks open into a field that extends the length of the hike. This is a very flat, peaceful , family and dog friendly hike. Not exactly what we are usually into but hey it was different. The temps were great and the light cloud cover almost made it chilly in the shade. The spring is a hole with water, I wouldn't drink it. Half way in there is a caged off area which is testing the impact of stock animals on the fauna. There were some strange plants that looked like stunted corn with no cobs The front of this area where the gate was looked like some slob was in charge. Rusty metal and empty water bottles everywhere. So we moved on. It is always nice to think when we hike out that some of what we see is only seen by those willing to put in the same effort. The end of the trail was a camp site with some cabins and a cement section around part of the spring. I guess the dogs and numerous tents is why we did not see any wildlife. Realizing we were at our destination we were more than disappointed. So we veered up the road and hooked into the woods above the valley. The GPS made it easy to navigate back to the trail head. Only a few minutes of walking and Nick came across a deer antler. Probably one of the most interesting points in the trip. Walking on the ridge between the road and the valley made for a little more challenging hike. The thunder started about 3 miles from the car. We wanted a little rain but it never came while we were on the trail. The second my hand touched the car door it started raining. This is where the real fun began. The rain just poured out of the sky. Visibility was less than 10 feet and the rain drops were the size of golf balls. If you have ever driven rim road you can understand where one might be concerned. 1000 feet down in three words :P :scared: When the road dipped down you could see the clouds hitting the side of the rim and just pouring over the top. The burned out sections were something out of an apocalypse movie. If I ever make a movie there is a scene in this environment and weather. So needless to say the trip out wasn't the video game, rally drive it was on the way in. When the road turned away from the rim the rainfall broke and we did not see another drop. Probably a half mile from the 87 we found a field of raspberries and made out like bandits. Probably the best part of the hike. Some wild raspberry jam was very yum. All in all I was disappointed. While it was 55 degrees at the end of July in Arizona I could have saved myself 5 hours of driving for a local Phoenix hike where it was only 80 all day :( .
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Named place
Upper Buck Springs Canyon
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