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Tibber Loop, AZ
mini location map2013-11-30
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Tibber Loop, AZ 
Tibber Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 30 2013
Hiking7.90 Miles 2,000 AEG
Hiking7.90 Miles   7 Hrs   45 Mns   1.28 mph
2,000 ft AEG   1 Hour   35 Mns Break
Gave Ambika 3 choices again and she picked the "Tibber Loop": Peralta - Cave - Lower Barks. My first cousin's daughter Jenaya is in town and likes to hike so Ambika picked her up. We (my niece Mia) met at the Chevron Station off of Goldfield/60 and headed out for a "Supes" adventure. This would be Jenaya's first time in the Supes and Mia's third since 2005.

Sadly Scout let me down after it teased me and acquired satellites but then would not engage so we were Scoutless for this trek :( . With Grasshopper's help I've already done my preliminary Rx on picking a new GPS; really don't want to spend the money. Guess it was a good thing the new version of my camera series didn't come out so I have some extra funds.

We headed up the Peralta Trail and encountered water from time to time as well as other hikers. I thot we might see more water than we did as the ground was still moist in many places. We made pretty good time even with enjoying the various sites along the way including the inversion layer of fog/clouds that we would see off and on throughout the day. I always LOVE the top part of this trail. I had Jenaya and Mia hold back so that I could film Jenaya as she set her eyes on Weavers Needle for the first time :o .

We had a quick snack and then headed over to the Gunsight where Mia and Jenaya obliged and goofed around for some pictures. From there it was across the saddle; always a bit of fun getting over to the Cave Trail.

And then there's the always awesome Cave Trail itself. We stopped at a lookout point toward the Peralata Ridgeline before ducking behind and around coming out front again toward Geronimo's Cave. We had fun at the Cairn Store. Mia made a contribution and then we continued over to the Cave where the girls checked it out. I discovered there was an attic. Don't know how one could get to it but it was pretty neat. And of course the views are :y: .

And the fun just kept on coming as we headed down the Devil's Slide into the Devil's Bathtub and then down the Bald Man's Forehead. We worked our way over to Cathedral Rocks and heard a bunch of people yelling... I guessed BoyScouts. Answer is: What are a bunch of young and old men doing while out with nature? And then one of the head guys asked me if I wanted to take their picture and I said "Yes, if you all stop yelling". He commented that he did need to address that. Well he may have but as we headed over the last area to the saddle above Bluff Springs Trail, I could still hear them :tt: (they were kind enough to give us a 10 minute start). Anyway, as you climb away from Cathedral Rocks I showed Jenaya the parking lot. She commented that it seemed awfully close considering how many miles we had hiked. Surely we should be further away :lol: .

On the way down yo the Bluff Springs Trail we encountered a seriously injured hiker. One of the guys with her was doing nothing to help while she tried to straight-leg on the other guys arm down the trail. There was still lots of fresh blood involved. Mia and Ambika offered aid (an ACE bandage and ibuprofen). They took the bandage but refused the medicine. She had to have done a face plant :stretch: as her chin was bloody as well. Hopefully the Boy Scouts lived up to their mantra and were able to assist them further.

We had planned at lunch down in Lower Barks but we were hungry so ate at the Lower Barks Saddle just above the old de-commissioned trail (wonder where that used to go?). The view is quite nice from here as well as you can see the Needle and up to the Cave Trail where we just were. Here a gentleman leading a group of 4 starting hiking on this decommissioned trail (there are rocks across it) and asked if this was the trail back to the parking lot. Uh, NO!

And finally it was down to Lower Barks we go. I wanted to avoid going in after the two large boulders as they are hard to get around so we decided to go down on the other side of them (south). When Ambika and I were at the L Barks Saddle, we thot we could make out a slight trail and believe it or not, we found it and it was cairned. You have to kind of wind your way to avoid the heavy brush but it worked out just fine.

Jenaya and Mia took the lead while Ambika and I enjoyed strolling through the Canyon. I'm not sure if Jenaya and Mia were in a hurry or their goal was to get through it quickly as it seemed I struggled to keep up. Of course, I like to stop and observe from time to time. There's lots to see. Plus with them getting so far ahead, I couldn't film them as they made their way down the canyon.

There wasn't as much water as last February but still enough to enjoy having to cross or make your way around. I still find the good amount of bed rock so much fun to walk on; beats bouldering for sure. There were a few areas that you would go thru where the smell of onion permeated the air. I got a picture of the plant that was mostly laid out from the running water of last week. But I just kept getting a hankerin' for a hamburger from time to time ;) .

Jenaya found a dead tarantula, stiff as a board. Ambika put her leg in the water; I missed the event until I saw the wet pant leg. We also got some nice reflections in the water. I missed most because we were moving at a pretty good clip. We stopped once for about 5 minutes before moving on again. As we got closer to the bottom of the canyon and the boulders start getting smaller, we noticed a spray painted area up on one of the rocks to the left side; it looks like a mining claim? I pointed out the tailings of another old mine.

As we crossed over to the right to get around a big bouldery/bushy section we eventually came to a pool of water (by the pretty quartz section) where we would either have to go back into the bushes (so to speak) or we could head out. I know Joe and some of his buddies have come out early so I thot, let's go for it.

I knew we had to head to the big hill above the Dutchman and that we would just need to stay just below the hill to our right. It seemed there were game trails and such from time to time and we found remnants from maybe an old tin building or something :-k . We eventually encountered that second drainage that you cross when you come out of Lower Barks so we more or less followed along side that until we hit the Dutchman. And then it was clear sailing. I even let Jenaya take the lead for her first Supes bushwhack and she did pretty good.

I think we started at 8:20 and were done around 4. Our mileage is based off of my Feb 2013 trip as it was essentially the same route other than getting out early and bushwacking to the Dutchman Trail.

We concluded our day with some pumpkin spice beer before heading to De La Cruz in Gold Canyon where we had very good food and I had the "Perfecto Margarita" (had some Hennessy's in it... very smooth! :) ).

Video 1: Up Peralta -
Video 2: over to the Weavers Gunsight and then across Saddle -
Video 3: on the Cave Trail
Video 4: continuing on the Cave Trail
Video 5: Lower Barks
Video 6: Lower Barks and out toward Dutchman
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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