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Jack's Back Tour 2013, AZ
mini location map2013-11-10
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Jack's Back Tour 2013, AZ 
Jack's Back Tour 2013, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 10 2013
Hiking8.05 Miles 1,333 AEG
Hiking8.05 Miles   4 Hrs   45 Mns   2.36 mph
1,333 ft AEG   1 Hour   20 Mns Break
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As they say the stars aligned and we were able to put together Jack's Back Tour II. Actually I needed to get my hair done on Saturday so that's why I opted for Sunday :lol:. Well that and I knew Kelly might be available.

I had done the Canyon Lake to First Water so wanted to try it the other way. I definitely think this direction is the best as you get a lot of bang for your buck as to your approach of the scenery. Kingsnake must have known that too so he PMed Jack to come along. After Jack and I shuttled we started off around 8:30 on a glorious sun-filtered morning. I was into movie mode quickly and took a lot of video on this trip; but it's a beauty so well worth it I think.

I didn't realize the flat area just past First Water is where the ranch was. I thot it was either down where the windmill was or up on the plateau. Guess I better do some reading since I hike out here as often as I can. I recalled as we were hiking along the next section that the last time I was here, the trail was running with water in some sections. In fact in that one area where you start hiking up the hill northward, the water was running so much, I couldn't decide what was the drainage and what was the trail.

Kelly came to a side canyon and had recalled her and cactuscat had gone up it a bit so she and I did just that. We climbed up to this one area that had a pretty deep pool of water with a dead Fred in it. It had even more water earlier as you could see the waterline. Anyway, that was fun and we decided it might be fun to do some 'sploring some other time rather than just hike to a destination. In fact what I'm thinking might be fun is to hike to Second Water Spring but explore coming and going. May not be a lot of miles but might be a whole lot of fun :) .

Once up past the junction with Black Mesa, I suddenly see Jack with GPS in hand wandering to the south of the trail and of course we blindly follow. He is taking us to the area where he found some evidence of sifting for remnants. We did see evidence of some larger holes but no recent activity. It is really amazing how many sherds there are in this area but not as much as on the other side. Next it was thru the rocky section as you head toward Second Springs hill. It is always so pretty thru here though you have to stop to observe as this is not a section for walking and gawking. I did take a quick fall here (and I wasn't even filming). No worse for wear.

We took a break at the top of the hill before heading down to Boulder Canyon junction where we encountered a group of 4 hikers. They were doing the same trek as us. We would pass them by and then they came into the Indian Paint Mine area as we were leaving. Jack was able to fill them in about this area. Our last encounter would be at the Marina restaurant. I did hike above the mine to the top of the hill just to see what was up there. It's fun to be able to goof around on these shorter hikes.

Once again, Boulder Canyon hill is a doozy :sweat: . It's so darn steep and a bit slippery. The 3 of us took a couple breathers along the way. Fortunately the wind picked up so that made this climb much more pleasant. The views as you looked back to the Box and the Battleship are always stunning and the light on the face of Geronimo's Head made for a great couple of pictures. I thot the Ridgeline stood out so clearly today.

When we finally got up to the area with all the different colored and shaped rocks, it was blowing pretty hard but that didn't deter us from going out to a bluff to get a closer look at the area where you can see both dry creeks. I also noticed Little Four Peaks which I had not noticed before. This is such an awesome viewpoint :y: .

On another point, we were able to see some water in LaBarge Creek looking north. From here we continued on around the long corner to the next saddle area where you walk to the north of the last mountain before that last long walk to the top of Frog Peak. The views continue to be stunning. I do remember that that hike down to Canyon Lake takes longer than it appears and that was the case here as well. Plus after you get down that first hill with the bedrock like planks, the rocky terrain soon gets annoying :M2C: .... especially when there is beer waiting.

We had a great lunch at the Marina. My peach margarita was pretty good but could have definitely used some more tequila. We were also entertained by the birds that could catch food mid-air and the GIGANTIC carp swimming below us.
I think because of the filtered light the color of the landscape seemed quite nice and showed well in the video.
Christmas Cholla
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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