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Granite Mountain Sightseeing Super Loop, AZ
mini location map2014-03-02
51 by photographer avatarWilliamnWendi
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Granite Mountain Sightseeing Super Loop, AZ 
Granite Mountain Sightseeing Super Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 02 2014
Hiking8.99 Miles 599 AEG
Hiking8.99 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   2.25 mph
599 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
1st trip
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This area really is becoming one of our favorite places to hike, of course thats like picking your favorite child, or pet in our case. Not really sure what would classify as a super-loop, so I'll call this my "Sight Seeing Super Loop". This was the hike we attempted previously, but failed, missing the very first intersection with the Dove Valley Trail. I wanted ultimately to see what the "Ampitheatre" was on the official park map, and decided to throw in "Cathedral Rock" and "Balanced Rock" too. The only thing that would really make this "Super" would be to throw in "Brown's Ranch" but we had seen that already so chose not to add this to the trip.
I had no expectations, other than the fact that they were on a map I hadn't seen or heard about any of them. The "Ampitheatre" caught my attention because I was having a personal bet, one with myself, whether it was man-made or a natural formation. I was right, natural. I mean why would they build something so far away from the TH. Comparing with the other two sites however, it probably comes in third. Dare I say the "Balanced Rock" might make a better ampitheater.
I am almost forgetting about the fauna. No rattlers this time, but as I was spotting and photographing a large nest in one of the Saguaro Wendi spotted a nest in the colla right behind me. Inside were two tiny nestlings. Wrens maybe. Another odd thing were the falcons(maybe). We had three differant individuals sitting on top of Saguaros making sounds that I would describe as like the last breaths of a dying witch(?), if anyone knows what that would sound like. It was kind of rainy the night before and into this morning so Wendi thinks they were just cranky. Witches, I say.
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