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Superstition mountain plane crash, AZ
mini location map2014-04-26
16 by photographer avatarkperry
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Superstition mountain plane crash, AZ 
Superstition mountain plane crash, AZ
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I am the mother of the 3 children and their father that were killed in a plane crash on 11.23.11. I have hiked the mountain 5 times and planning my 6th hike this Tuesday. I have also spent the night up there twice. Thank you to all who have supported this tragedy by placing memorials there. Also I hope that when you have an opportunity you will visit the memorial plaque that I placed on a rock up there near the actual site. The USFS can KMA....that was my entire family. In an odd twist of fate Shawn Perry's family has worked with the USFS since 1971 helping them fight fires. Honor these people for Heaven sake!
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