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Superstition Ridgeline, AZ
mini location map2014-02-23
11 by photographer avatarRickVincent
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Superstition Ridgeline, AZ 
Superstition Ridgeline, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 23 2014
Hiking13.40 Miles
Hiking13.40 Miles   9 Hrs   5 Mns   1.48 mph
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1st trip
The group met up with Trish (Trishness) at Mining Camp for a shuttle to Peralta TH. Thank you thank you thank you Trish for the shuttle :y: .

Trish dropped us off and we started our 13 mile trek up towards Fremont Saddle. Having never done the section from Fremont Saddle to Robber's Roost, I had no idea what to expect. I wore long pants to protect myself from a possible bushwhack. As it turned out, there is a pretty nice cairned route that was easy to follow. We arrived at Robber's Roost and had a snack break.

From the Roost it was on to Boulder Saddle and 5057. Last time I did this section between the Roost and Boudler Saddle I found myself off-trail. This time, no issues. Must have paid better attention to the route. We took a lunch break in the shade of the hoodoos at about 100 feet short of the peak. After the lunch break, I quickly climbed up to the peak while the other guys finished eating. Then, we packed up our trash and hit the Ridgeline.

Damn leg cramps started to haunt me again. I'm sure the problem is lack of long distance training. Either that, or I'm just missing something in my food/drink intake before and during the hike. With 7 miles to go, I knew I would be hurting. Doesn't matter...there is only one option. Cross the mountain and get down.

Reached the Heiro/Ridgeline intersection. Again, just like 5 years ago (my last ridgeline)we took a route to the left instead of just going straight. Its not the greatest trail. In fact it hardly even resembles a trail, and if you're not careful you can end up on a Ridgeline that darts off towards the west. We managed to stay on the main ridgeline, but I'm sure it would have been a better idea to just take the straight line route.

It was a perfect day on the Ridgeline. A slight breeze in the back, mostly cloudy. The sun would peak out about 25% of the trip. Soon, we arrived at the base of 5024. No one in the group was motivated enough to bag the peak, so we just continued on towards the view of Flatiron and started our descent down Siphon Draw.

As much as our legs wanted us to stop, we just kept going at a steady pace. Even passing people on the way down. It felt good to hit the flats and even better to reach the vehicle at Mining Camp.
This is my gym. I have to travel down a bumpy road to get there. There are no treadmillls, no machines, and no personal trainers. I walk..I run..I breathe the fresh air. I can go any time I want, as much as I want and there is no membership fee.
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