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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Nov 19 2006
Hiking4.50 Miles 1,790 AEG
Hiking4.50 Miles   2 Hrs   30 Mns   1.80 mph
1,790 ft AEG
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From where Black Mesa Trail meets the Dutchman's, I continued East until I found the scraggly tree mentioned by Fritzki. I then headed off South, veering east of the hill, until I landed in a dry creek full of boulders.

Since I was still sore from last week's trek up Upper First Water Creek, I had developed a distaste for creek boulder hopping this week. So, instead of going down the creek, I just crossed it, then I pushed up the hill for several hundred yards, but eventually came to impassable thorny vegetation. Oh well, back to the creek.

Took the creek west and then southwest. Where it narrows down is where the mine/prospect is. Continuing past you reach a ravine where you can see the arch for the first time. Attempting to hike up this way, there were too many thorny bushes for my taste. I could see that if I could make it past the first twenty yards, the rest looked easier, but I got choked out. So, I continued on down the creek. I didn't see any more avenues of assault that were any better. I continued following the creek west to where it splits, then took the northern branch. This led me over a couple of hills that provided good views of the arch and the creek below I had trudged through. I bushwhacked the rest back to the Dutchman's and out to First Water, avoiding horse landmines all the way home.

Note: Distance and time are starting from Black Mesa Trailhead intersection with the Dutchman's

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Hike Arizona it is full of sharp, pointy, shin-stabbing, skin-shredding plants!
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