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mini location map2006-11-22
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Spencer Spring Trail #275Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 22 2006
Hiking12.40 Miles 1,400 AEG
Hiking12.40 Miles
1,400 ft AEG
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I scouted the southern end of this trail for 1.5 miles to the point where it started its descent to the creekbed.

The route shown on topo maps for the southern end is outdated. For the current route see the Beartooth Publishing "plastic" map of the Superstitions or the Superstiton Search and Rescue "Iron Mountain" map. In summary: the trail no longer heads west from Spencer Spring towards Pope Spring but now heads south from Spencer Spring directly to the road. The only sign for the trailhead faces westbound traffic and was partially detached and leaning at an angle.

The trail is overgrown for short stretches (mostly Shrub Live Oak & Manzanita) and is easier to follow downhill than uphill. In the first 1.5 miles, the trail trys to minimize elevation changes and follows the contour of the land. If you're not sure of the route, continue on the same contour and chances are you'll reconnect.
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Named place
Spencer Spring

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