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Spencer Spring Trail #275Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 02 2021
Hiking7.10 Miles 1,610 AEG
Hiking7.10 Miles
1,610 ft AEG
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Headed up 650 yesterday to finish up the remaining piece of Spencer Spring Trail that I had not done yet. I have been to Cement Spring a couple of times but for one reason or another I have never hiked past the spring. Parked at the TH off 650 and dropped down into the canyon. Spent a few minutes checking out the spring then started the hike up. I attempted this part in April of last year but parts of it were so eroded and damaged by the fire I did not feel like messing with it then. Well, nothing has changed as some parts of it are like walking on ice. I'm not sure how this portion was pre-fire, but it is not a fun time at all right now. Finally got down into the creek and to my surprise found some really nice pools with some light flow.

The next mile and a half is much better as you stay in the creek bed most of the time with the exception of a couple of minor climbs. The trail is hit or miss with it being okay in some spots to no longer existing in others. There are a couple of small areas that survived the fire but most are destroyed. Made it to Cement Spring which was my stopping point, had some lunch and started back. I have been to Cement Spring a couple of times and this is the first time I have actually seen water flowing from the spring. This is the first time I have been there with a dry creek so maybe I missed it the other times. As I got back to the to the area where the fun climb back out begins, I realized I did not feel like climbing 800 feet up an ice rink ridge, so I took a chance and decided to stay in the canyon for the walk back out.

Slow going through the canyon as it tightened up and house size boulders had to be navigated. Came across 4 dry waterfalls. The first one was probably the worst. Although not huge, there was no bypass, so I had to climb straight up it with not very many spots for foot/hand holds and probably not the smartest thing to do hiking solo but there was no way I was going to turn around. Pulled myself slowly up and belly crawled the last piece to finish it up. :lol: The second one had a frozen pool at the bottom and the only way to climb it was to walk through it. Of course the ice crumbled under my weight and I ended up wading in 2 feet of freezing ass water. My feet were frozen the rest of the way. The third and fourth waterfalls were the biggest but had bypasses that were not to bad. TONS of bear scat in this area as well as a couple of small caves, so I quickly made my way past those spots :scared: . Made it back to the spring area then had a 300 foot climb up to the truck. With making it to Cement Spring, that completed the Spencer Spring Trail for me. Perfect weather all day, partly cloudy, high 40's with a light breeze.
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Iron Mountain Sawtooth Ridge

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