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The Point Overlook - Canyon Lake, AZ
mini location map2014-07-04
30 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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The Point Overlook - Canyon Lake, AZ 
The Point Overlook - Canyon Lake, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 04 2014
Hiking2.60 Miles 1,168 AEG
Hiking2.60 Miles   2 Hrs   46 Mns   1.00 mph
1,168 ft AEG      10 Mns Break30 LBS Pack
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Tracey only had Friday off :-({|= and we didn't feel like driving any distance to cooler areas so we settled for a hike reasonably close to home, which meant we'd have a very early start.

The plan was to start from the 'Mesquite Y' area just past Tortilla Flat and head for Peak 2521 hoping for awesome views of 'both' sides of Canyon Lake. So much for plans, but more on that later.

Leaving home before 5 am there was no traffic to speak of on Apache Trail so that part was a breeze.
The first part of the adventure was the rough drive up Forest Road 1827 to the 'Y' where we turned left and continued to our designated trailhead shortly before a 2-foot step in the road.

By 6 am we were off and running... more like huffing up the hill. :sweat:
Although the temperature was mid 80's the humidity made itself known immediately and within 30 minutes I was already soaked from head to toe.
Another 15 minutes and it was decision time... between the humidity and my throbbing knee (from the injury on my El Recortado hike 11 days ago) we knew Peak 2521 just plain wasn't gonna happen today. So with a quick adjustment we headed for a Canyon Lake overlook hoping for a nice viewpoint on The Point Recreation Area on the other side of the lake.

The jaunt toward Canyon Lake wasn't too bad but when it came to the last 40-50' climb on the rough & rocky slope I knew it was asking bit too much so we settled for a saddle just below.

We took a short break then with two steep ascents and two descents ahead of us we began the trek back. Although the left knee was throbbing continuously I managed the ascents ok by putting more pressure on the right leg but the descents were brutal.
Never before have I felt so thoroughly whipped on such a short hike, but the humidity sure played its part today!
Although I drank a gallon of fluids immediately before/during/after the hike I still lost 4 pounds. And by the weight of my clothes when I threw them in the washing machine it felt like a good deal of it was still soaked in the clothes.

Sorry, no videos this trip, but I'll definitely be back out that way when it's cooler and much lower humidity.

I really hoped to get to the planned destination today but then it was nice to be back home well before noon and have a relaxing day, catching up on my reading (I've got a dozen books checked out of the library) and best of all, watching Wingsuit Warrior on Netflix. Great shots of the guys in the flying squirrel suits, including one of them clipping his thighs on a rock outcrop flying down from Table Mountain in South Africa and not only living to tell about it but getting back out again some 6 months later to try to kill himself again. While it sure looks cool flying in those suits I'm just fine never having the experience... I'll keep my feet closer to the ground, thank you!
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