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Y Bar Sandy Sandy Saddle Barnhardt Loop, AZ
mini location map2014-07-13
15 by photographer avatarfriendofThundergod
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Y Bar Sandy Sandy Saddle Barnhardt Loop, AZ 
Y Bar Sandy Sandy Saddle Barnhardt Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 13 2014
Hiking18.66 Miles 4,641 AEG
Hiking18.66 Miles   8 Hrs   13 Mns   2.42 mph
4,641 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
1st trip
Today was just a relaxing 18 mile jaunt through the Mazzies. However, before going over details of latest venture into an area that is quickly finding itself near the top of my favorite areas to go list, I would like to give a personal thanks to Mazatzal or Richard to most I assume.

In my infancy on HAZ one day back in November I had a PM titled "Thunder Guy New Ideas." It was after I had completed my somewhat bittersweet quest to hike every mile of every trail (not counting tourist traps) in the Supes. The theme of the PM can be summed up with this quote from Richard.

you should take look at the mazatzal wilderness. It is a wonderful place and way more remote and challenging (referring to Supes) but so rewarding to those willing to do arduous backpacks.

I will be 100 percent honest the Mazatzal Wilderness was not even on my radar at that point. However, he had me sold with the use of the words "remote" and "challenging." Since his PM I have not gone crazy in the Mazzies. Yet, I feel that between Twin Buttes, the Gorge, Deadman Mesa and more recently some areas off Barnhardt I am slowly earning my Mazzie stripes. With each hike and backpack I am left wanting more, and I can't wait to really tackle this wilderness in the cooler wetter months. It was a great lead to a new hiking area for me and I am very grateful for that. I should also mention that I bother Kyle about ten times a week with questions and crazy ideas leading up to these Mazzie trips as well. He has also been a great asset and I know he shares a similar affinity for the area. We just have to get out there together for something epic Kyle, let's make that happen come Fall.

Now back to today's hike.

Going with Joe's model for this one.

Y-Bar: Great trail! Aside from waterfalls that I have yet to see I would put this above Barnhardt actually. Can't go wrong with the little ponderosa forest and trail was in great shape, easy to follow. Felt a little lethargic and fatigued early on, was still working out some lactic acid from a good leg work out on Thursday.

Mazatzal Divide Trail: Easy sailing, easy to pick up far in distance, a couple of overgrown areas near some side drainages, damn that New Mexican Locust can really swallow a trail in a hurry! I hope I am using correct term for that devil tree/plant.

Brody Seep Trail: Only mistake I made all day. I should have listened to the hike description author's suggestion of taking slightly longer route to Chilson Spring area via Mazatzal divide. However, the small silver lining is I think I have identified the starting off point for the elusive Fisher Trail.

Sandy Saddle Trail:
Thank you NONOT for that great official route! It was spot on! Not the greatest trail, but I love a little challenge, and some rumors of its demise may be slightly exaggerated. However, I would recommend pants in lieu of Nike running shorts..sigh..Sandy Saddle is main attraction, actually a nice little area, perhaps future camp site for this guy, but overall, I don't think most would want to make it a special point to do this trail.

Barnhardt Trail Joe's Falls are probably more similar to a leaking faucet right now, however, enough water to keep a guy alive, soak your hat, head, satisfy the pups or drown someone with a little effort. ;) Dark humor sorry, its an infantry thing.

Plenty of water in canyon adjacent to trail, actually flowing strong in spots, but as an ECON teacher I applied the Law of Diminishing Returns and did a little cost benefit analysis of the situation and scrambling down the steep banks for the sake of a quick swim was not worth it to me today.

No Blanco no Cup today, I think the heat and lack of water may have even got to Blanco today and he is resting up for a quick turnaround to Primitive Blue Range on Wednesday. Likewise, as much as it pains me to say, I am not so inhibited when I go solo and I can really crank out quality miles at a much quicker pace, so it was probably for the best today.

Consumed a lot of water, donated about a half a pint of blood to wilderness Gods and for a third week in a row finished to some nasty thunder and lightning. I am starting to feel like a storm chaser, except the storms are chasing me! :o

Final Note: Bring on this "Midnight Mesa Loop" I hear of...I am ready!...well I think I am anyways ;)
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