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Barnhardt - Y Bar Basin Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-01-30
44 by photographer avatarMr_Squishy
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Barnhardt - Y Bar Basin Loop, AZ 
Barnhardt - Y Bar Basin Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 30 2019
Hiking16.20 Miles 3,368 AEG
Hiking16.20 Miles
3,368 ft AEG
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1st trip
First, I cannot emphasize it enough: do this loop clockwise, starting on the Y Bar trail. I started up the Barnhardt trail at 8 am to hike the loop counterclockwise and saw three deer in the canyon below as I hiked up. Plenty of water flowing over the waterfall. It was a beautiful sunny day and hiking the Barnhardt trail on the backside of Mazatzal Peak was great - flat, open trail with minor ups and downs. I found a dead Northern Pygmy Owl on the trail with no apparent signs of injury - I included a photo in my photoset. Did I happen to mention that it's best to do this loop clockwise? Barnhardt ends at the Mazatzal Divide Trail and I turned left to continue hiking on a good trail. Eventually I arrived at Windsor Saddle, turned left, and began the 5.7 miles of agony that is the Y Bar (aka Share Tree) Trail going down. Bruce Grubbs in Hiking Arizona's Superstition & Mazatzal Country recommends starting the loop hiking up this trail with good reason. It is a very rocky trail with mostly fist size and larger rocks which makes for a very uncomfortable down hike as well as preventing one from looking around as you have to focus on your feet most of the time. I did encounter a lone javelina on the trail, so that's something. Overall a great hike, but probably best done clockwise - did I already mention that?
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