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Pine Creek Lower Reavis Creek Ranch Loop, AZ
mini location map2014-08-09
11 by photographer avatarTough_Boots
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Pine Creek Lower Reavis Creek Ranch Loop, AZ 
Pine Creek Lower Reavis Creek Ranch Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 09 2014
Hiking25.00 Miles 5,702 AEG
Hiking25.00 Miles
5,702 ft AEG
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1st trip
For some reason, I thought it would be fun to get totally beaten down by a hike and Lee had a pretty good one put together. I think he was trying to kill me-- probably jealous of my physique and rugged good looks.

We started the morning moving pretty good. We were dodging bullets flying up from Reavis Mountain School so that put a spring in our step. The first couple climbs were made pretty effortlessly and soon we were down the Two Bar Ridge Trail.

After the spring, we began our off-trail section of the hike. We headed down towards the creek and Lee showed me a couple ruins. Even though now just a pile of rocks, one had been pretty substantial with multiple rooms. We also connected to the old road survey which Lee had some background on.

We finally made it down to Pine Creek. The bushwacking wasn't too bad getting there and there were only isolated pools of water so the going was fairly easy for a while. As it got later in the morning, the heat really began to hit. I was getting baked down in that creek bed. This part really dragged on and I kept feeling as though I was on one of MtnBart's hikes :)

For the most this was a really pretty part of the hike-- just the wrong time of year to do it in. We finally hit Reavis Creek and then it seemed like another eternity until we hit the Reavis Falls trail. I was happy to see it when we finally reached it. We went up the creek a bit farther until we found water, filled up, and took a break in the shade. I stretched that break as long as I could. I knew I was going to have trouble climbing back out to 109.

As we started upwards I told myself I would just have to power through it. Quickly I realized I had no power :o . This was going to be a long trudge. I was discouraged since the last time I came out of the falls trail, I didn't have to stop a single time before hitting 109. Now I was dragging myself from patch of shade to patch of shade. I was beginning to worry about making it back to the trailhead since we weren't even halfway done with our hike at that point. I finally started seeing 109 in the distance and it looked like the climb was coming to an end. I felt better about things and knew with the elevation and dropping sun that I would soon recover.

I was feeling better pretty quickly after we hit 109-- not great, but better. We had nice breezes and shade. Eventually we hit the Ranch which is always nice to be at. We filled up again on water, had some snacks, and headed on our way. The last two big climbs didn't seem too bad but the length of this day was wearing on me. My feet and muscles were sore. It was now dark and I was well ready to be done. This last section went on forever. We finally hit the school and were home free.

This was a great hike and I'll never do it again :D

Thanks for the ass kicking, Lee. Bag on me all you want-- we both know who was too destroyed by this hike to drive us home :sl:
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