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Turkey Creek - Eastern Ridge, AZ
mini location map2014-12-07
50 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Turkey Creek - Eastern Ridge, AZ 
Turkey Creek - Eastern Ridge, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 07 2014
Hiking5.90 Miles 1,575 AEG
Hiking5.90 Miles   4 Hrs      1.54 mph
1,575 ft AEG      10 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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We awoke to a nice crisp 27° morning, which meant I was up and out wandering around in the dark for hours before Tracey was willing to be torn away from the warmth of her new 0° sleeping bag.
Oh yes, the Klymit(sp?) bag worked out well... no wait, it worked too good! ](*,)
How can I expect her to going for early-morning coffee, let alone early-morning hikes? :whistle:

Well, finally the sun hit close enough to our camp for Tracey to stand in the warmth, and 8:30 am(!!) we were in the creek, ok, so it was dry, but at least we were hiking.

After yesterday's Oak Grove Canyon hike along with the surprise (to Tracey) route change, she wasn't going to let me get away with that again and got me to spill-the-beans on my surprise plan for today.
Ok, so we'll only go a little way along Turkey Creek before we make a 90° left turn and follow an ancient Jeep trail along a spine up to the top of the long north-south ridge east of Turkey Creek. This ridge and most of the Jeep trail continues all the way north to overlook Aravaipa Creek.
If only we had more time, :STP: we would have continued to the northern terminus before retracing our route.

But no matter, we had a long seemingly ongoing climb along the Jeep road to the ridge. As usual, at each flat spot there would be another hill to climb but eventually we reached the top. Ok, which way do we go? South all the way to reach Four Mile Road, or north toward Aravaipa? Knowing we wouldn't go that far either way, we opted for northward to what appeared to be a high-point with some great views. Which is where we had our PB&J lunch and I took the pan photos and video.

Now, do we continue on or go back and explore more of Turkey Creek? Need I have asked? Let's see if Turkey Creek can hold a candle to Oak Grove Canyon? Let's find out! It didn't take quite as long for the descent but at times it was harder due to steep and loose rocky road, now pretty much an ATV trail down to a point.

Back in the dry creek bed we headed for the bend where we would meet Turkey Creek. As we were getting close we noticed a broken down corral off to the side so of course we had to explore it first. Not much but a few old cement water tanks so we cut straight across to finally reach Turkey Creek itself.

See my Turkey Creek Wandering photoset/triplog for the rest of the hike, as well as the rest of the photos and the second video.

One video filmed in Turkey Creek...
Panorama from the ridge East of Turkey Creek
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