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Turkey Creek Chiricahuas, AZ
mini location map2014-03-07
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Turkey Creek Chiricahuas, AZ 
Turkey Creek Chiricahuas, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 07 2014
Hiking5.60 Miles 1,200 AEG
Hiking5.60 Miles
1,200 ft AEG
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Born and Raised in AZ and growing up, I did not get a chance to see much of AZ...Saw the White Mountains once, the Mogollon Rim a few times, how to get to and from the Bass Fishing Reservoirs many times and got to know the Drive to Orange County, CA via Wickenburg annually....I left AZ when I was 21 and moved to MN for 14 years. When I got back, I worked for an ADOT Subcontractor and since I was doing the Field Work, the State of Arizona opened up for me, via the State Highways...

Approximately 12 years ago, I worked a 10 Mile Project in Sunizona and saw that area of the State for the first time...The Dragoons intrigued and the Chiricahuas looked temptingly close since our Project started pretty much at the turnoff with Hwy 191. A few of the Weeks I was down there, I worked alone, so a couple of those days, I had the luxury of doing a couple of "Scenic" Drives after I was done working...I went to the Monument once and drove around it a little, seeing as much as I could before Dark...Before I even did that Drive, I went straight off 181 onto Turkey Creek Road and followed it all the way to the End...There was a Trail at the End and I actually Hiked the Trail for awhile before turning around due to darkness...

I have not been back to the Chiricahuas since then, but I always thought that I would like to return...

This was the Trip. After Whitewater Draw, I went to Sunsites to borrow an Inverter from a Friend so I could still run my Camera. I had pretty much come to the realization that 3 Camera Batteries on this Trip was ridiculously inadequate. :sweat: After a nice visit, I took off to retrace the Drive from my Past...Since it was a Friday, I hesitated to do the Monument, both for possible lack of Campsites and just the thought that it might be pretty crowded over the Weekend. So I made the Decision to go to Turkey Creek again. It was a good call. Although there seemed to be only one decent "dispersed" Camping Spot along the Creek and it was being taken up by several RV's, I found that the Sycamore Campground was completely empty, so I decided to Camp there. The area has changed quite a bit since I was first there 12 Years ago...Only one other Vehicle pulled in that Night so it stayed very nice and quiet. I timed this Trip nicely. Turkey Creek had a nice Flow....After settling in a bit, I decided to just go up the Creek a ways and check it out...I went about 1 1/2 Miles RT, taking the Road back...

My Friend had warned me that the Weather was supposed to turn bad by Saturday, but Friday night was ok and I didn't get the Wind that was expected. The next morning, it was looking like the Weather was building pretty good, but after actually cooking a nice Breakfast, I decided to go for a Hike anyway...I didn't have any Trail Maps, but had noted some "TH" Markers at certain points along the Road with one of them being downstream from me, so I headed Downstream. I got to a "TH" and tried to make Heads or Tails out of what the "Signs" were trying to tell me, but since I had not researched any of this, it wasn't making much sense. I noticed that another Creek was joining Turkey Creek just Downstream, so I decided to follow it up a ways as well. Looking at it now, it was Saulsbury Canyon. I then doubled back to the TH trying to follow a Trail that I found, but it kept disappearing. This must have been Saulsbury Trail, but judging by how hard it is to follow, it's been awhile since it's been maintained...No matter, I would then just follow the Creek again. I wanted to get some Elevation today so I jumped on the one Trail that seemed evident. This turned out to be Mormon Ridge Trail and it climbed out of the Creekbed right away and stayed nice. I jumped off the Trail at one Point and went up to Peak 6789 to see the Scenery on the other side of the Ridge...I didn't stay there long as the Skies continued to get Darker and Darker and I could see Flashes and hear Thunder in the Distance. I went a little further up the Trail and around that Peak and then decided to turn around and head for the Barn before I got really caught in the Storm. When I got back to the TH, I tried to follow what is supposed to be the Mormon Canyon Trail, but again, couldn't follow it very well as it kept disappearing, so I finally jumped on the Road and walked back to the Campground. The Weather was still dark, but it wasn't Raining yet, so I grabbed my Tripod and another Camera and headed to a Spot on the Creek just downstream from the Campground and grabbed a few more Shots. The Clouds cleared for about two seconds and then it really was starting to Rain, so I spent the rest of the Day in Camp with the Tarp up. It got pretty cold up there... :sweat:

The next morning I packed up Camp and headed back to Sunsites before beginning my Road Meander back to Safford.

It was a good Trip in here...I didn't get a lot of Hiking in, but I became much more familiar with the area and will return to do some more...And next time, I'll have Maps... :sweat: Not sure about Hiking up to the big Ridgelines though, they were looking pretty fried from the Horseshoe 2 Fire still. But, it might be worth a Trip for the Summer Wildflowers. :)

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