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New Year's Snow Day - Supes & Picketpost, AZ
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New Year's Snow Day - Supes & Picketpost, AZ 
New Year's Snow Day - Supes & Picketpost, AZ
Scenic Drive avatar Jan 01 2015
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Scenic Drive90.00 Miles
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After spending New Year's Eve at Camp Connie's and after she fed me a great breakfast of my huckleberry pancakes and syrup with sausage and bacon, I was good to go on my journey to check out the snowy Superstitions. Originally wished I had brot my hiking boots but since I did have a lot of ground that I wanted to cover, it's better that I didn't I guess.

I tried to take pics and a movie while heading out to my first stop at Silly Mountain. It was definitely a bit nippy out but the sun was shining on the Flatiron. It was a sight to behold :y: . I took a few pics and video here before heading on to my next stop. There were others out taking in the scenery as well.

Stop 2 was Cloudview TH. Here I got out of the car and the moment I hit the trail you could see remnants of the snow, even here. I walked up to the signs and took pictures from there and a little further on the Lost Goldmine Trail. There were others out as well. Some to hike, some to take pictures. Even Turks Head had a small dusting of snow still left. From here I continued to get good light on portions of the Supes.

Stop 3 was Carney TH. I continued to take movies on Peralta Road. I enjoyed the drive thru the puddles and slip sliding thru the mud. Tonto Jr seemed to do well as evidenced by the mud splattered windshield. I stopped a couple times when the sun came out and then arrived at Carney TH. There were about 10 vehicles there, only 1 (a white pickup truck) with a HAZ sticker. Yes I walked around to see ;) . I got some more pictures but the light was a little tough.

Stop 4 included my drive to Picketpost Mtn. There was a car stopped at around Gonzalez Pass and the kids were out enjoying the deeper snow for a moment. As I came around the corner on the 60, I was surprised at so much snow on the Supes and not nearly as much on Picketpost Mountain. I stopped in front of the corral area and shot photos and video toward Picketpost and then toward Buzzards Roost, Apache Leap, Crown's King Peak and Peachville Mtns and Montana Mountain. The snow of course was much deeper and whiter on the higher mountains making one wonder when standing in the desert, "where am I?!".

Stop 5 would be directly in sight of Weavers Needle in the distance, a place I used to stop with my mom before they widened the 60. I should have done a zoom shot toward the Needle but since I was just off the shoulder of the 60 and I was in the vehicle I didn't want to linger too long. Stops 6 & 7 I would pullover a couple more times as the 60 headed to the west. I could see the sunshine on Miner's Needle so I was trying to get a good shot of it. I did get one. I also got some of the line of the Supes and several back toward Superior.

My next stop would have been the Weavers Needle Overlook as I wanted to see what the Supes & Four Peaks looked like but my second camera battery put the kibosh on that. So sadly :cry: I continued on the way home. And as I like to say now that I haven't lived in snow country for over 30 years, it's pretty to look at but glad I don't have to live in it let alone shovel it.

Speaking of redundant snow pictures, welcome to the photoset :D . Here are a couple videos:
Video 1 includes some driving footage (I apologize for the jerkiness of the side shots) and from Silly Mountain and Cloudview TH (this video seems to be somewhat popular with my subscribers)
Video 2 includes some of my road drive on Peralta and scenes from Carney TH and Picketpost Mountain as well as from my stop on the 60 heading back
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