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AZT #17 - Picketpost TH to FR4 campsite, AZ
mini location map2014-11-14
16 by photographer avatartibber
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AZT #17 - Picketpost TH to FR4 campsite, AZ 
AZT #17 - Picketpost TH to FR4 campsite, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 14 2014
Hiking7.56 Miles 1,442 AEG
Hiking7.56 Miles   3 Hrs   55 Mns   2.26 mph
1,442 ft AEG      34 Mns Break
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Hiking in for the AZT #17a Trail Maintenance: This was originally planned as a moonlight hike but it was moved to the following weekend so no full moon. I alerted Wendy to this and said I would prefer hiking around 2:30. She asked if I would mind leading a group of folks in and though I was apprehensive, I agreed to do so.

I met up with Wendy at the Picketpost TH around 2. Sirena comes over and says she is gonna make my life easier as she took my clothes bag and tent and clippers in the AZTmobile. :kf: Sirena. A couple people were already there and the rest arrived soon thereafter. Wendy gave us some instructions about something (maybe about we don't need water and where the campsite was and that they would have all the tools we would need) ;) . I think there ended up being 5 of us hiking into the campsite and 3 would come with Wendy starting around 6:30ish.

So yes, your Tibber, once again was thrust into the leadership role; never realized how much pressure there is in that. So with my little group in tow, I knew all but one (Cindy B, Cindy, Maria, Roger "not yet" when asked if he had a trail name so that's his trail name until we hear othersie :) ), we headed up the trail. I knew the first part as I had hiked it before but once we passed the intersection with the circumference, it was all new to me. With the lighter load I was able to keep a good pace and with the leadership role I had to lighten up on the picture taking.

We winded our way up and around and down and up the various drainages for the first while. I tried a new wider screen movie mode which based on this trip video, was not a good idea (too much bounce). As we got a little higher we were afforded incredible views to the NW of the Weavers Needle and Superstition Mountains. I wanted to take a break about 1/2 way and so started looking for a good place with a view and found it around 4:15 at almost 3 1/2 miles (hike was supposed to be around 7 3/8 total). It was during this break that I learned "Not Yet" was a HAZ lurker as he commented about my great photos :kf: .

We continued on and were impressed by the size of some of the barrel cactus. In fact, two were about the size of Maria so we had her stand by one of them. We continued to get higher and could look back at Picketpost as the sun was slowly making its way from the sky. Picketpost is such a spectacular mountain :DANCE: . Off to the east we could see Apache Leap and some of the mountains north of Superior like Peachville.

Hiking up and around and alongside some of the mountains we reached our first saddle at around 5:30 but not before witnessing the light from the sunset in the clouds to the west :) . Roger said it was all downhill but not quite yet as we had to wind our way over and alongside and up to the second saddle. As we started down from here Cindy and I spotted vehicles so we kept an eye on that. However, the trail seemed to take us away from that. Soon when Cindy B asked, how far, I said, "well I can hear car doors shut so we can't be too far". We ended up being about another 3/4 mi. as we finally had to put on our headlamps.

Oh ya, and somewhere along here Chris (of ABC) caught up with us as he had started later. Oh ya, and Marcos (also of ABC) on his bike caught up to us after coming off that second saddle. I let him pass and he made it to the cars pretty quick (he's fast and he was hiking his bike with his gear :o at this point).

And as you know, the last bit of a hike can seem the longest; especially when you don't know exactly where you are going to end up and at nite. We slowed it down a piece as we wound around two more drainages before arriving at FR4 to greet Sirena, India and Chris (Stoic). It's a good thing they were there as I'm not sure that I would have been able to figure out that camp was up the road to the left (off of the main road).

So we walked up the road to camp (it's a little rocky and steep) where we arrived to a big flat area to try and find a place to throw your tent. There was quite a bit of glass around so it was a bit challenging. Eventually M&M hiked in (Marvin and Marlene), we could see them up on the trail. After getting set up we got out the illumination, had our dinners and talked for awhile before hitting the hay. I heard Wendy and her two other hikers (Heather & Sandy) come in later.

Here is the video in the big widescreen format. I won't be shooting in that format anymore as I think the quality is just not the best:
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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